File corrupted on server hard disk

I have a server HP ML310, I installed Linux SUSE on it and I have Oracle 11 on this system. I wanted to give backup from the system but in some situations it can't copy files and I recieve an error : file corrupted! I formatted the HDD and install Linux and windows 2003 on it for several times , it doesn't have problem while formatting or installing windows or Linux. So I think that the problem is not with the hardware, but I'm not sure. Could anyone please help me ?
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  1. I dunno will it be the answer to your question, but I'm suggesting you passionately to try the next:
    Install Windows, use some iSCSI SAN solution - it'll help you to backup and to comfortably manage your storage. For test you can try StarWind Free.
  2. You do not mention what filesystem you use, you also do not mention whether you performed a thorough memory test using MemTest86+.
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