What MOBO goes best with the rig im building??? Please help.

here are the parts im getting:

memory 4 gigs ddr3 1800 or 1600
cpu intel q9550
graphic card 280 gtx (oc'd of some sort)
hard drive 500 gb
not decided if i need any sound card but if i do ill go for sb.

i need a mobo for future sli and i like as many slots possible ( yea, sluts too).

what is the best mobo for these parts?

thank you very much in advance....help?
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  1. With this kind of rig , i'd say that you have to wait for Core i7, for many reasons:
    ("i7 800"=2.6Ghz , 4 cores;8 Threads) and for the price its listed;284$ (or expected to be lower than Q9550 which is about 350$ .

    Core i7 uses triple channel ,meaning that it will use the full potentials of DDR3 unlike the current DDR3 thats in the market right now.

    and last you'll use X58 chipsets ;) its brand new , plus gives ya the capability to over clock each core independantly(thats if you want to overclock) on top of that intel claims that each core overclocks it self automatically based of process power you want :)

    hope this help ,

  2. i have now 2.4 -6 year old single core i waited enough.

    my question was about the mobo
  3. i would recomend a x38 or x48 mobo.
    Or look into nvidia chipsets if you ever plan to go the SLI way.
    I think ASUS gygabyte and MSI are the best mobo's out there
  4. You dont need an x** series. P45 would be plenty of power, cheaper too
  5. Chook is right on here. P45 is great for overclocking and stability. Check out the ASUS P5Q Pro or the Deluxe.
  6. thank you guys
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