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Put me at ease. I am looking at the bottom of the heat sink on my e8400 and there are 3 gray bars shaped like a stop sign (octagon). That is thermal paste correct? It just does not actually look like a paste so I'm spooked. I would hate to mount it without having paste on it. I have artic silver but i wasn't going to waste it on a stock heat sink and fan if it already has something on it.
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  1. Anyone? I'm dyeing to get this up and running. =P I'm just concerned because I have always had a little packet of paste that I have to manually spread.
  2. Yes, the three bars in an octogon shape are the stock intel thermal paste.
  3. Thanks i went ahead and tryed puting the hsf on but ran into trouble with those push pins. I got it in with much swearing but I'm afraid, because that last pin might pop out sometime because it did it once already. I'm hoping i just didn't have it in all the way in that first time. I would like to go ahead and try it but I'm afraid if it pops up again i won't notice it and i will have a problem. What would it hurt if it popped up again? Would the cpu just get to hot and the comp shut off? Would there be any permanent damage to the chip? Could i just wait for that first shut down and then replace it?
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