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Hey guys I want to upgrade my PC'S Graphic card and also add a set of new fans and some Ram.
I currently have :
M/B: Intel D975XBX
VGA: Evga Geforce 7900GTX
Ram: 2Gb Corsair XMS2 800Mhz
Processor: Core 2 Duo X6800
Power Supply: Thermaltake PurePower 680W.
O/S: Vista / XP (for games)

For some reason my graphic card is overheating and when I play need for speed Pro Street the screen begins to blur and i see alot of triangles and stuff.
I really want to be able to max out all games and have them running smooth on my system.
What do you recommend? I am looking for a VGA card around $300.00.
What can you recommend for the fans as well? I have a stock intel Cpu fan and Two thermaltake fans that came with my case.
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  1. 4870 or 260 gtx. i would buy 4870 .
  2. ^
    +1 4870 or GTX 260
    If you keep your eyes open, you can find a GTX 260 for as low as $230.
    A 4870 will run you $255.

    For the CPU cooler, take a look at the Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.
    Excellent cooling on the cheap.

    The RAM is a little more difficult to recommend.
    Look for a 2Gb set (2x 1Gb sticks) of DDR2 800 with the same timings and voltage specs as your current set.
  3. You can turn up the fan in your old card with Rivatuner.
  4. lukuks said:
    4870 or 260 gtx. i would buy 4870 .

  5. Hey guys thanks for the posts!!!
    Will these PCI -e 2.0 cards owrk on mY PCI -e 1 motherboard?
  6. Yes, PCIe 2.0 is fully backwards compatible with PCIe 1.1.
  7. Okay kewl thanks!!!
    Will organize to buy 260 gtx.
    With my specs and the new fans plus 2 more gigs of ram and the new video card. Should I be able to max out pro street?
  8. Yes, the GTX 260 is vastly superior to your 7900GTX.
    You should have no problems maxing out NFSPS.
  10. ^^hence even more vastly superior than upgrade for the money
  11. Okay so between 4870 and gtx260 which one is better?
  12. 4870 is better, but you can wait for the Diamond's XOC Black Edition and u can do some major overclocking to it

    its about 315 or something like that
  13. Thanks Guys guess ill go with the 4870!!!
    Will let you know how the system runs when I buy it!
  14. Okay quick question about the ram now!
    If I buy a next set of XMS2's but with a lower latency and timings will they still work on my system?
  15. It will run at the slower RAM's latency but it should work.
    You will have to manually configure your BIOS settings and test using memtest to make sure everything stays stable.
  16. lol he doesnt need a 4870 to play nfsps...
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