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hi guys hoping you can help me.i just changed my cpu to a quad core q6600 kentsfield from a dual core 2.6 which came with my alienware.i have had a few blue screens of death i have followed up windows error reports which indicate for me to upgrade my bios to the latest version.i have phoenix awardbios v6.00pg.i downloaded bios agent plus scaned my computer it says i have the latest bios version.i have a evga 680i motherboard.everything seems to work very well computer recongnizes all four cores temps cool just that every now and then i get the blue screen of death.what is the safest way to flash bios or get this thing running right .sorry for the long post need advice im a bit new to this.
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  1. What does the blue screen say?
  2. I take it you put your original cpu back in already? Do that 1st if you havent already then go for checking the BIOS integrity. All you need is to have your system crash trying to flash the BIOS and then you are dead in the water with no poopie paddle.
  3. NVidia 680i and 780i(Modified 680i boards)... I had both and neither liked my Q6600 however it works just fine with my E6600...

    If you have an A1 or T1 revision of the board you should just need a BIOS update also what did help alot with my 780i board was putting a lot of volts through the northbridge(1.7volts, 1.6volts after droop). That sorted out system stability. I hope it works for you as well.
  4. I was on an older NV 650i chipset for my quad. I had that problem as well, (BSOD) even though the bios I had should have supported the Q6600. So updated it to the latest (mine was MSI P6N Plat) cured the BSOD's I was having.

    Anyhoo.. Be sure your read the readme file that explains how to flash your bios. Do not use a floppy drive to update it. After I did a flash update, using my HD, it took over a min to do that. So if you imagine how long it would take to do that with a floppy drive, and if the drive can't read the floppy, your screwed.

    I am of course assuming that the 680i bios flash update is the same as the 650i. Just follow the readme file or the website that explains how to flash it correctly.
  5. was giving me update bios if i had new hardware now it givs me irq not less than equal .that screen goes of so fast
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