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Got a 16gig sandisk USB pen with FAT32 and I cant copy a 4.50 gig video of a training workshop to it
the computer tells me the file is to large to fit on the drive

Now I was told ells where you can only copy 2gig files at a time on these USB pens so is this true
Second I formatted the drive to NTFS which I could not do at work on the Windows XP Computer so I took the Drive home and on my computer at home with windows 7 I managed to format the USB pen to NTFS but know the XP Computers at work cant read the drive & I am Getting frustrated What is casing this problem. what is the point of making hi capacity USB memory stick if you cant copy Large files to it this technology is useless
any one got Ideas
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  1. Huh? XP can read NTFS-formatted drives, no matter what kind they are, just fine. Feel free to reformat as NTFS. Oh, and the upper limit for file sizes in FAT32 is somewhere close to 3.8GB, so if you can divvy up the file into smaller pieces, you might be able to save the data.
  2. We have formatted all the USB pens to NTFS it seems that only one computer cant read the USB pens with NTFS but its working now but why is the 3.8 gig file cap on these Fat32 USB pens My old P3 with WinME ( I don't use this anymore ) has a 40 gig HDD That is FAT32 and I can Copy any size file to and from it no 3.8GIG size limit on that FAT32 system. Why make high capacity USB pens if the manufacturers file system cant support BIG files this is like some type of fails advertisement LOL. Not everyone is going to know how to format these to NTFS & I'm sure there's allot of MAD people out there because of these things LOL
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