Soundblaster XFI and Windows Vista Please Help!

I installed the Soundblaster XFi into my sytem with Vista and all seemed to go well, however there is no way to turn on the line input (the line input is grayed out), and the equalizer, etc. do not work at all. The sound is horrible--the volume is so loud it is distorting, even at the lowest setting. I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!
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  1. ...and you've downloaded and are using Creative's latest driver? :
  2. Yes, the X-Fi driver Vista-only version, with all of the utilities.
  3. Is the mobo chipset Intel, nVidia, AMD, etc.?

    There have been some issues with nVidia chipsets and X-Fi's. My Wife still can't use her X-Fi with her nForce4 Dell XPS600 under Vista64.
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