My xp pro caused an aol nightmare

Hello, I have a soft speaker modem, yet after installing xp pro, it tryed to force me into a network, and opened more than one connection, it has been showing WAN(PPP/SLIP) on my task manager, and any time I test it it show up as false, and the HP ethernet for a network shows up as true, it has caused a nightmare, and aol dns changes, it seems no matter what I do I cant fix it, If I reinstall xp prom in order to upgrade to see the internet it forces network and wont let me use only my modem, my computer aol detects softspeaker modem, while svchost open up numerous times in task manager as network services and causes my computer to hang or freeze, I have dont more restores than any one on this planet and microsoft has robbed my wallet and wont fix it
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  1. that sounds bad.
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