guys........i want help about casing

Guys, i want to buy a system as below, but haven't come up with a case. Pls help.

Msi DKA790gx Platinum
AMD Phenom x4 9950
Zerotherm nirvana nv120 / Zalman cnps9300 AT / Scythe Zipang
HIS / Palit radeon HD4870x2 - 2gb
OCZ Pro Xtreme 1000w
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  1. How many optical and hard drives do you want?

    I'm assuming you won't be watercooling?

    Do you want a case with space for HDD/DVD/BD upgrades?

    Do you want something compact?

    Floor or desk standing? Window? filters? LEDs?
  2. I recommend the Antec 900, as I know for a fact that a Nirvana will fit in it (had one on my 5000+ BE), however the Noctua NH-U12P is still a better cooler, and will fit (similar price). just replace the 120mm fan with one with a higher CFM.
  3. With a hot vga card, you will want good cooling. I suggest the Antec three hundred:

    If you want good cooling, and more "bling", then look at the Antec 900 :
  4. I really like my CoolerMaster RC-690. It is very roomy inside without being a monster, and has excellent cooling.
    If you've shot your budget on the parts (not necessarily a bad thing), take a look at the CoolerMaster Elite 330 or the Rosewill 218 or 220. They are also roomy enough inside for your parts. They have a rear 120mm fan and can take another one in the front.
  5. my budget is around 50$.
    and i want cooling performance.
  6. $50 won't get you much. Interesting that you'd want to pack a high-end rig like that into an el-cheapo case

    best i could find. $55 after MIR and free shipping. The only question would be if the 4870x2 will fit.
  8. If you want good cooling performance, a 120mm intake fan and a 120mm exhaust fan is the absolute minimum for fair performance. If you want good cooling, look for two 120mm intake fans, and two exhaust fans. Usually, the second exhaust fan will be on the top of the case.

    Your budget of $50 is marginal, unless you can find a case which includes:
    1) free shipping. Cases are heavy, and shipping can be $20.
    2) Are some fans are included? If not, expect to pay $10 to $20 for each extra fan of decent quality.
    3) Is there a rebate or promo code available?
  9. then how about 70$ and a little bling !
  10. The best I could come up with
    $50 + S&H (good case, but a little on the cheap side)(cannot remove the door, as buttons, and LED's are integrated into it)

    I still suggest spending the extra on the Antec 900

    (And drop that Buggy, overpriced, POS MSI board. Even Jetway, and ECS have better QC, and customer service)(also have a better BIOS)
  11. $50-$70 puts you in the range of the low-end CoolerMaster cases like the Elite and some of the Centurions. These all have rear 120mm fans, and can take another one up front. Some of them also come with side fans. These are no-frills cases, but fit your budget and your parts. These cases are also not burdened by irritating front doors.
  12. CM 590.

    Still a great case for the price.
  13. jeremyrailton said:
    $50 won't get you much. Interesting that you'd want to pack a high-end rig like that into an el-cheapo case

    We see this with PSUs as well. People willing to drop $500+ on GPUs but want to cut corners on the PSU. I do see a lot of people with balanced builds, but there are some that one or two components just make you go WTF?
  14. maybe the NZXT tempest if you go cheap but with hot video card like that get the Antec 1200
  15. ok dude, i've got you covered. the egg has the p180 on sale

    it's a kick-a$$ case. i've got one and it's awesome.
  16. Dhaka is in Bangladesh. Newegg links may be good for reference, but not for pricing.
    Part of the point though, is that there are deals to be found. Only you know what stores (online and otherwise) are available to you, but you might just browse them until you find something.
  17. ah, yes, i did not look at the profile
  18. thanks people. I've got it......................the NZXT Nemesis Elite !
    No matter how much hot my vga is.................the thing is i can hook up a 21" table fan at full speed & perhaps an AC might help !
  19. Anyone out there knows whether a 4870x2 will fit in the Nemesis, as well as a zalman cnps 9300 ??
  20. I'm guess it should. If not, it's time to get the chain saw out. :oops:
  21. Know a better platform than msi with a 790gx chipset ???
  22. Check this out...........if this space doesn't work then what will ??
  23. it definately will fit.only midi tower will problem fitting those high end card.
  24. Thanks guys for helping me out with this.
  25. wtf you have a 1kw power supply but you want to spend $50 on a case. zomg... do not get a antec three hundred either, its just a bad copy of the coolermaster RC-690 in my opinion...
  26. I have an AMD system similar to yours!! I got a CoolerMaster Cosmos-S.

    I heard though from a computer technician that some people who bought the Cosmos S case later had problems with power button--its so sensitive. Some people had to return their Cosmos cases because of the power on button. I haven't had that experience yet--I'm hoping I won't.

    You might consider the Silverstone Temjin

    If I heard this comment before I bought the Cosmos S, I might have bought the Silverstone Temjin instead.
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