Delta 120 X 38MM Fan Issues

Hey guys,

i have tried searching for this on google and other boards but no luck. Was hoping someone here could help and also save me time to the hardware store.

Basically i bought 2 of these to attach to the side window of my modified stacker 830 case. The window/panel came with 2 120mm X 20MM fans. The 2 delta fans i purchased from and they told me they do not sale those with screws. So i have the 4 screws from the original 120X20 fan that came with the window.

I have a Fan filter on the outside of the window, then the window, then the 38mm thick fan. Ofcourse these screws arent even getting close to going all the way through. I would say i need about 1 1/2 inch maybe more to make it fit but cant seem to find any place that sells that long of fan screws.

Anyone else run into this minor issue and did you find a place to purchase them online? I can just take the screws i have and run them to a hardware store and tell them i need the same diameter but add another half inch longer but i was hoping to avoid that. I also want to find black screws and not silver.

thanks for any help!
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  1. Take a look on
    Lots of mod/WC/general PC items.
  2. Not sure if I understand you correctly, but to explain how you use the screws for the fan:

    || <- panel

    screw-> || [ ] <-fan


    || [ ] <-fan/screw

    So are you trying to put the screw all the way through the fan?
  3. Hi grimmy,

    X = Filter
    || = Panel
    [] = Fan
    > = Screw

    > X || [] In that order.

    And yes i was trying to put the screw all the way through to the backside of the fan.
    Now you have me thinking i might be silly for not checking and seeing if i can attach the bolt inside of the fan once it passes through the first hole. Im not sure if i can but i didnt check. I will check that tonight when i get home.

    Grimmy sir, you are the man.
  4. It's pretty much the way it needs to go, in the way you drawed it on the above post.

    Since the screw acutally bites into the fan bracket to make it secure. Even if you had a long enough screw to go all the way through, there's nothing for the screw to hold on to, even if it goes all the way through the hole. It would basically just sit there till ya turn the PC on, and perhaps make a awful vibrating noise, since the fan wouldn't be secure to the panel.
  5. Dont the filters on the 830 have clips on them so you don't need screws?
  6. Cooler Master CM Stacker 830 Evolution Review

    It seems the 120mm fans should snap into place for the 4 fan panel. Anything smaller would need screws.
  7. Some fans still come with the long thin screws that go all the way through them (TT I believe still does). I'm guessing that's what the OP has now. @OP, you'll want to get the short self-tapping screws that Grimmy is describing for your fan. Then you can mount it the way you've shown in your diagram. Those screws do not have to go all the way through the fan. A mere 1/4" is generally enough.
  8. hey guys,

    this is the exact case i have. It is a modified stacker 830 and the fans that it shows in the window are the ones im talking about. As you can see this is different than the standard fans and filters that come with it.

    What are these short self tapping screws? What do those do exactly and do you have a link so i can look at them please?

    thank you so much
  9. well, the cm stacker only snaps in 120x20mm fans, not 120x38mm fans... they're too wide
  10. Looking at those pic's for the 2 fans on the plexi, the standard screws should work when you have the screws on the outside, through the plexi into the fan. Just need to hold the fan on the inner part of the plexi or opposite, and it should be fine... Hopefully :sweat:
  11. yes it did work grimmy.

    I took the 2 stock fans out and replaced them with 2 of those bad boy delta fans and instead of having to have the screw go all the way through to the otherside im just tightening the nut on the inside of the fan so it tightens against the inner fan wall. It was late last night when i was messing with it the 1st time and i guess the common sense thing to do just went right over my head until you mentioned it.

    |x | <----- Fan x = where i tightened the nut to the bolt instead of on the outside of the outer wall.

    ^ ^
    ^ |
    | Outer Wall (closest to the mother board)
    Inner Wall

    Thanks again guys!
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