Need a good air cpu cooler for overclocking

hey everyone

i got a amd phenom 2 x2 550 black edition cpu and i want to get it to 4.0ghz or around there. i currently have it at 3.52 ghz with the stock cooler and idle is at 34-37c and on load its 50-54c i dont want to exceed 60c thats why im not overclocking it anymore and waiting to buy a really good heatsink for it. my price range is 60 dollars max. any suggestions would be appreciated.

also got a antec 300 case just letting you know. So you can see if the cooler will fit.

since im asking bout cooling is there a way to cool off ram rather than just heatspreads. today it was really hot in my room i mean i was starting to get sticky from sweating, and my ram got up to 67 on full load. While running prime 95 for like 15min didint feel like waitng longer so i stopped it. Usually its at 60-63 on full load when air conditions on in my room and prime was on for 5 hours.

basically looking for good cpu and ram cooling, no water cooling dont have that much money for it. 60 dollars for cpu cooler and around 40 bucks or less for ram cooling.

hit me up if you got anything.

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  1. Heat sink review for CPU's. Worried about ram temps? Increase your case air flow. Put a ram cooler on the ram.

    How the heck did you monitor Ram temps? Thermal heat gun? Mobos and software don't measure ram temps.

    Look up
    It is there, and under $20 for ram.

  2. If you want to push more, then get the Scythe Mugen 2...
    For around $37, it is one of the best and cheapest CPU coolers around...
    And it would perform as good or better than a $60 CPU cooler...
    Check out this article about the CPU coolers for i7...The scythe is also AM3 compatible...

    And again I would like to ask the same question what Conumdrum asked - How did you measure the temps of the RAM ??
    And if you really want a RAM cooler, then get any of these...
  3. ok well since hwmonitor lists the temp as mainboard which i would guess is the ram because as soon as i start prime 95 it jumps for 50 idle into the 60s but i might be wrong you guys are more experienced then me so what would that measure if its not the ram. i mean i dont think the mainboard would go into the 60s.
  4. Might be your northbridge, or your mosfets, could be a random PWM, depends.. Looks like you need to figure out your Mobo by looking on forums for your Mobo type and looking into posts specifally talking temps.

    Welcome to the OC world!!!!!
  5. That would be the temp being reported by the chipset, or your southbridge. In your case it would be the 790 chipset, X, GX, or FX. Unless for some reason you have a 780 G.

    Some chipsets can achieve quite hi temps when overclocking. My mobo is notorious for that, so I bought a chipset cooler from Thermaltake. It now keeps my chipset at ambient temps (around 22C) at all times. I can provide a link if you like.

    I think Frostytech still claims the Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme as the best for AMD processors. But that wouldn't even fit in my ANtec 900 without a bit of modification. Then again, neither did my Domino ALC...

    You might be able to fit a Xigmatek 1283 in there. Around $40.
  6. ^ nice digging buzznut!
  7. o alright thanks. well ima check out those cpu coolers on that site you listed and see what i find. and as for air flow i got 2 fans in front as intake 1 on the back as exhaust and on the top as exhaust and will get one more fan on the side as intake is that right or should the fan on the side be exhaust?
  8. I always like the CCF. Its number 2 on frosty tech and its only $25 on newwegg now.
  9. yeah if you can post the link for the chipset cooler.
  10. Intake. Maybe increase your exaust fans, but a side fan does wonders.

    More fannage the better, it comes down to noise mostly.

    Look at this for a cheap but good controller to manually adjust your fans as you need cooling.
  11. so far i got the 2 stock fans that came with the case and bought 2 silenx 120mm fans they work really nice and quiet. says on the box 14dba but the more fans you got i believe its gonna be louder than that. the 2 silenx fans work pretty good says they push 72cfm and the only thing that sucks is the filter and grill in front of the case makes the 2 fans work a bit louder then when the grill is takin off.
  12. yeah the ccf cooler seems like a sweet deal. Read the review bout it seems good.
  13. Yep, read my sig, That is my review ( ;
  14. is there ways to cool graphic card? never looked into that so inform me please.
  15. wow thats crazy. I got to look into it more i want to overclock my card. ill see how it does with the stock fan also got to find the max temp for my graphic card.
  16. Nvidia rates the max temp for all cards at 105c

    although i dont reccomend going that high ( ;
  17. do you know what ati rates theirs at?
  18. I think it 110c max!
  19. k thanks, how hott do ur cards run?
  20. huntsman said:
    k thanks, how hott do ur cards run?

    They run at 55c idle when i clean them out.

    Every 3 months or so i have to take them apart and clean them all out then re-apply thermal paste.

    before i clean them out they will idle at about 85c :ouch:
  21. damnnnn 85c lol :ouch:
  22. what bout on load :cry: burning up ?
  23. ok did some digging and checked out a few heatsinks, now i would get the core contact freezer but i dont have a pay pal or credit card so id have to ask my dad to buy it for me, and yeah. Now i looked at scythe mugen 2 and ocz vendetta 2. Now im guessing mugen 2 is better then ocz vendetta 2. how about mugen 2 vs core contact freezer. Is it a huge difference or should i go for mugen 2 and my local pc store carries it so i could get it. Could you compare mugen 2 to cctf ? and would you recommend the mugen 2? Seems like its a good cooler and for a low price.
  24. huntsman said:
    what bout on load :cry: burning up ?

    Eh... you cant really test them on load because the drivers will crash once they get to 110c [:jaydeejohn:4]
  25. huntsman said:
    what bout on load :cry: burning up ?

    You got cooling issues.
    Culd be the case, bad ambient temps

    Figure out what your case needs, buy a TOP CPU air cooler, slap some HS fans on it.

    You push the limits, it come down to brain power and your wallet.
  26. lol aha crashes on load. Anyways so what you think of the mugen 2 i read a whole lot reviews and alot of benchmarks on it from diff websites and seems like it does a fine job.

    Buy the best you can afford.

    Still haven't talked about your case yet or your fans on the case or your room temps.

    Night, read for a while cya soon.
  28. ok i have a antec 300 with 5 case fans 2 in the front as intake, 1 on the side as intake, 1 in the back as exhaust, and 1 on top as exhaust, all fans are 120mm and the one on top is 140mm. those 3 intake fans are silenx iextrema and the other 2 are the ones that came with the case. Dont kno my room temp.
  29. i just got back from micro center and i got the titan ttc nk85tz for 43 buck with tax. I have also seen that its rated number 1 on frosty tech so i went for it. Normaly its would of been 55 so good thing i got it, didint even know it was on sale until i got to the cash register it sure made my day. And i also looked at the mugen 2 which was 45 with out tax and the hdt s1283 which was 43 with out tax.

    I think it should be a good cooler, What do u think bout the titan its almost like the core contact freezer. i didnt even know my store carries it, their online website sucks.
  30. ^ yeah dude. we LIVE for data! ( ;
  31. hey so far just turned my pc on and its 22-24 on idle and before it was 35-37 so pretty good. But my side cover is off ima do some testing now and ill get back to you.
  32. kk sweet.
  33. @ 3.5ghz on idle running for 21 min

  34. Looks good. Push it further.
  35. hehe i will ran prime 95 blend test for 21 min and on load the cpu was 31C forgot to take a screen shot my bad. So far im pretty damn amazed.
  36. Could you please use CoreTemp for CPU temps. HW Mon tends to be a bit in accurate.
  37. sure thing
  38. ^ yeah. Get us some real temps (pun intended)

    And push it further damnit!
  39. uh ok i ran core temp and its the same temps no difference. Im telling u hwmonitor dont lie. I got the same temps using core temp and hw. And i put it to 3.6ghz at 1.35v and ran prime 95 blend test for 1 hour and no problems. Now by how much should i increase my voltage? Cuz i tried 3.7 at 1.35 but it only ran prime for a lil bit and then crashed. im very happy with my cooler tho. :) :bounce:
  40. Bout' damn time im a "veteran"!

    Anyway, id push it as far as you like. it is really a personell decision. I will go up to 1.65v if the temps are fine because i know i will upgrade in a year so...
  41. oh ok well i will see where things take me. Ill try hitting the 4 ghz if i can.
  42. im at 3.7ghz at 1.3625v , 18.5x multipliers and ran prime 95 blend for 37min and no problem. So its all good For now.
  43. Yeah go for 4 ghz
  44. so tried some more im at 3.8ghz at 1.4v at 19x , i tried lower voltages and going up but nothing all crashed until i reached 1.4 so you say it doesnt matter how much i put the voltage up as long as the temps are good its alright? Cuz i went to loook at amd website and the voltages was rated from like .800 to 1.425 so can i exceed that 1.425?
  45. or are those for the stock cooler oh and at 3.8ghz i ran prime for 27min and no problems. Getting late today so ill just stick to 3.8 for now.
  46. prime is too slow try intelburntest v2.3
    saves you time and better than prime. 10 mins of intel = 10 hours of prime
  47. i will give that a shot and tried 3.9ghz at 1.45v but only ran prime for like 5 min and crashed. temp while running prime was only 35-36C
  48. make sure to set stress level to maximum and make it 5 runs, check the codes, if they same with all runs = stable, if any is different = unstable
    if u crash = unstable
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