Confused between GTX280 and 2 HD4850,PLs help

Hello everyone1
I am very confused between these cards. The gtx 280 is only 20 euros more expensive than 2 hd4850(i have a cfx compatible mobo)
What should I do? I am a medium gamer(i play crysis, WIC, bioshock and soon mass effect) and I would like to make a good choice( so that the card will last for minimum an year!)
I am also concerned about power consumption of these cards; nd about their heat disipation
Any help would be appreciated
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  1. 4850cf should do better overall than a gtx280
  2. To be honest, I would guess that 1 HD4850 would be enough for your needs. and 2 of them is definitely more powerful than a GTX280.

    However, it does depend on which mobo you have, and your current GFX card
  3. The GTX280 is much faster than a single 4850. In Crossifre the 4850s win.
    You might need a new power supply though.
    You need a 550W, with 40 amps on the 12v rails.

    For the 4850:
    ATI Radeon HD 4850 System Requirements

    450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
    Certified power supplies are recommended. Refer to for a list of Certified products.
  4. Dual 4850's should beat the gtx280 in everything except Crysis, which is not very ATI friendly. You may also want to look into the 9800GX2, which can be had for a lot less than a GTX280 these days, and is actually a much faster card in most instances. I saw one for about $264 after rebates on newegg... not sure what prices they are in euroland... but good to check out.

    Powerwise, they are all fairly demanding.

    Thermally, all are rather poor. The reference 4850's dump more heat into the case itself, as their cooler is designed that way... but the card itself can be kept cooler than the Nvidia solutions if you rig the fans correctly. There are also dual slot 4850's out now... may want to pick them up now if you go that route.
  5. I've got 2 4850's running in crossfire. I love them and so far the only thing I haven't been able to max out is Crysis but like someone else previously stated, Crysis is just not ATI friendly.

    You mentioned heat and power concerns. You will need a good power supply to run 2 4850's. I had an off brand 700 watt PSU and even this couldn't cut it. Had to upgrade to a 750 watt certified PSU. (The problem wasn't the overall wattage but the 12v rails and quality on the original PSU wasn't up to par.)

    These cards do generate alot of heat, but if you increase the fans the cards are more than capable of cooling themselves. The standard 4850's do pump all the heat into the case but as long as you have good airflow in your case this shouldn't be an issue. My motherboard heats up a few degrees but overall my system doesn't run that much hotter with the two 4850's in it.

    Two 4850's will beat out 1 GTX280, but if your concerned with playing games for a few years you may want to consider getting 1 4870 for the time being (will handle all the games you mentioned) and then later on down the line in a year or so when you need the additional power get another 4870 for running crossfire. You could do the same with the 4805's though...
  6. get the 4850 so in the future you can add a second one. and i just finished mass effect and the 4850 handles it perfectly
  7. Ty for all help guys!
    I will have a look at 9800GX2.
    BTW 4870x2 will be cheaper or willl have same price as gtx280?
    I have a gigabyte GA ep45-ds3r mobo and a 8800GT gainward card(1GB). I will change PSu(think i willl buy corsair tx750)
    so i think heat won't be a problem spire carcass will handle it quite good...
    And does the Nvidia Physix engine improve games much? Or it isn't something tht good?
    ty again
  8. The launch of the 4870x2 is only in 12 days, you can't wait until then?
    Perhaps not for the card iteself, but if it performs hwo the previews perform and is priced close or just above the gtx 280, then it'll force the price of that card and the GX2 to drop even further.
    Or you could do what I'm doing and just buying the card itself =-P
  9. It's hard to say what the 4870x2 will debut in price at. It will probably be in the $450-$550 range. It will blow the doors off a GTX280 and 9800GX2 performancewise.

    As for PhysX, there isn't much industry support for it yet. If Nvidia continues it's downward slide, there may not be much in the future. They have also figured out how to emulate PhysX on ATI cards.. so keep that in mind.
  10. Honestly, because of the Laptop chip scandal, the removing of the 780i chipset from brands, the 8xxx Milking, The 8800GTs with a 128 bit bus (check it on this is a hoax) and other reasons i can't remember of the top of my head, i wouldnt touch a NVidia card atm.

    Really. and if you have a CF board, for the price of one 280 GTX you can almost go for CF 4870. That GTX doesnt seem too good of a deal now.
  11. I think I might wait for 4870x2...Here the 9800GX2 is not cheaper than gtx280, but more expensive with 70euros! :??: :??:
    Yes, I know the 4870x2 blows every card on market and that's why I like this...
    And since the power consumption is nearly equal to 2 HD4850...i just hope it will be priced right!
    And I hope ATI releases some good drivers...honestly i don't want to have a super card, but blue screen on idle!
    thanks again; i will check now the GX2 and 4870x2
  12. I will disturb you only with one moar thing!
    Sorry guys for double posting, but I have found a deal breaking 9800GX2!
    It is cheaper than gtx280(!) and cheaper than GTX260(!!!!) with 20 euros! it isn't scamming, it is from a trusted seller here...and it is Leadtek!
    Should I get it? or no?
  13. Well... the only downside to the 9800GX2's are the following:

    High Power Consumption and Heat
    No DX10.1 support or other nex-gen goodies

    Other than that, it's the fastest commercially available card for most gaming applications. That is, until the 4870x2 arrives, of course.

    If you can get it for less than a gtx260, that's a pretty solid bargain.
  14. yeah i just played crysis on very high with my 4850 and it worked just fine.

    1 4850 = $165 after rebates
    2 4850s = $330 after rebates
    1 gtx280 = $450

    so you'd maybe get a bit more performance you don't really need and it'd be really spendy
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