Case came with only 9 standoffs, motherboard has holes for 10.

I bought an Antec 900 and it came with 9 standoffs. My motherboard (DFI Lanparty DK P35-T2RS) has holes for 10.

The holes on the motherboard sort of look like this:

o o o

o o o
o o o

I installed the standoffs like so:

o o o

o o o
o o o

(The bolded areas are where I placed the standoffs/screws)

I'm just wondering, will my motherboard be okay? I just noticed this now. Will everything be okay despite the missing standoff?

Also, I tried to find another standoff to put in. I have another case that is quite old (AMD K6 era, a big bulky ugly beige box with a front sticker containing the letters "PRO PC" written in blue) but the standoffs on it are much taller than the ones in my Antec 900. I doubt I could use a standoff from that due to the size difference, but then again, what if I just took all those standoffs and replaced them with the ones I have now? Would that work?

Or is my motherboard fine the way it is with only 9 standoffs?
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  1. 9 standoffs are fine.
  2. My guess is that that was your first build...

    anyway your mobo should be fine...

    actually you really only need 4 stand offs... although I use 6 for me... 3 on each edge I don't feel like screwing stuff into the middle of the board

    the more standoffs you have though the more stable the board is and the less likely it is to warp/ bend
  3. 9 standoffs is fine.
  4. im using 5 I think (I keep meaning to put the others in, I swear)... 9 is more than enough.
  5. only thing you need to worry as far as standoffs is not to leave a long stretch of board unsupported, some boards just seem to have an odd hole or 2 extra, you'll be fine.
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