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I'm planning out a new web development computer for work and I'd like some input on the GPU, actually on the whole system, but the GPU in particular. Integrated is out of the question.

The most intense work that I'll end up doing will be high-res Photoshop (usually low res though). There's also potential that it'll need to push 2 widescreen monitors down the line. Right now it's just one monitor though.

I've been considering an 8400GS (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121235]link), the one in the link in particular due to the passive cooling, though I don't really mind noise (my rig at home run 50+db). Budget wise there aren't really any restrictions. I had told them ~$500 though, so no gtx280s. ;) Every other computer is being switched to a Mac - I was picky and wanted Windows :P - so this computer is automatically a ton cheaper.

Does an 8400gs seem sufficient or should I go higher?

The other *tentative* components are as follows (feel free to recommend others):
Silverstone TJ08 Case (MicroATX)
Asus P5N-EM
Intel C2D E7200 (2.53GHz x2)
2 x 1GB OCZ Gold 667MHz RAM
400W or 500W PSU (still working with some options, probably the 400W though)
+ some LED fans to replace the case ones, an HDD, etc.
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  1. A 8400GS is fine for 2D work. I strongly recommend you swap the motherboard. The 630i chipset is quite old. It also looks as if you need a MicroATX motherboard too.


    Also consider getting 2*2GB is possible.

    For a good PSU look at the Antec EA430 ($34 after MIR):
    if you have the budget get a Corsair or PP&C PSU.
  2. So the 64bit interface won't harm the 8400 too much? I know it's not all that powerful in the first place, but I'm a bit skittish around low numbers. :P

    I'm leaning towards the Asus over the Gigabyte, if only for the extra fan connection (and the higher FSB). I'm planning on replacing the two case fans with a pair of more efficient LED fans, and I'll need both 3-pins to regulate 'em.

    I boosted the RAM from 2*1GB (667) to 2*2GB (800) - that's better than my current rig. xD

    As for the PSU I'm going to go with the Corsair 450VX. Looks like I'll have some wattage headroom plus it's modular. :D

    Cost is running about $540, though with several rebates ending today, it may go up a bit more. If that ends up being a problem I think I will end up pushing the RAM back down. It'll be running XP32 so it can't use it all anyway.
  3. IMO get at least a GF8500GT for the same price, much better card in every way more room to grow as well;
  4. Wouldn't a Nvidea Quadro or Ati FireGL workstation card be more suitable?
  5. ^Overkill unless you do CAD work. Those are just regular cards that have driver optimized for CAD.

    Looks like I'll have some wattage headroom plus it's modular

    The Corsair450VX is NOT modular. Only the HX series are modular.
  6. Isn't Photoshop performance more CPU intensive?
  7. Hm, the 8500 would be a nice improvement. But all of these little $20 cost boosts keep pushing the budget up.

    Quadros, etc. are too expensive and probably are more than I need. The current system can't even mouse over a link without lag, so anything will be an improvement. :P

    Meh, I was looking at the 520HX and priced it like the 450VX. >_< Anybody know of a reliable modular PSU within the $60-75 price range? I'll go non-modular in the long run if I have to, but for a MicroATX it'd be nice.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got the ok to add another hundred or so, so I'm going to go with the 520HX (which *is* modular) and a 9500 instead of the 8400.
  8. Wow, a 9500GT :lol:
    I didn't know they already made one.
  9. JEBUS!
    That GF8500GT was on sale yesterday (rebate not the open box), didn't notice that whatever sale it was was about to expire I guess.

    I wouldn't trust an open box, but the other one at the time after MIR was about the same price as your GF8400.

    A few other interesting MIRs;
    Silent Gigabyte GF8600GT for 59;
    Silent Gigabyte GF8500GT 47.99;

    Not sure how much the GF9500 is though, but it would be in the same performance class of the GF8600, the only major advantage being maybe no mfr issues unlike some GF8400/8600 series supposedly.
  10. Hold on a sec there Ape, the 9500GT comes in 2 flavors one with GDDR2 and one with GDDR3, an it also has 32SPs unlike the 8500GT. So in theory the GDDR3 9500GT should be a little better card than the 8600GT assuming smiler price.

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