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I am getting pieces together to setup a home network for a friend. I want to show him the setup that will be taking place. It will be coming in from a modem out to a wireless router out to a gig switch and from the switch out to a nas, computer, computer. From the wireless out to a laptop. I can't find a nice diagram of this setup anywhere. I know it sounds lazy but what I show him I would like it to look good. I could draw it but that does not look as nice. Does anyone know where I could find a diagram. I have been on google for an hour but must not be looking good enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. There are free network drawing programs that will work for what you need. Might even be able to take their sample and remove what you don't need and just use it.
    Google - Network drawing programs
  2. Yeah, I just used ppt and made my own. Worked great.
  3. It usually takes hours to create a traditional network diagram, with a tool like Visio. The traditional network diagram is sometimes called network diagram which means the symbols in the map are defined statically by a human being and the underlying software has no knowledge about the symbols. For example, in the following Visio diagram, the router, the LAN and the WAN symbols are only meaningful to human engineers. The Visio software does not know why a cloud means WAN. In other words, Visio is just an electronic paper for you.
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  5. I have it 90% done. I will post a picture of it in the next couple of months.
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