XP Pro 64-bit PC can't see XP Pro PC

I've recently built a new PC and installed the Win XP Pro 64-bit operating system. I have 32-bit XP Pro PC that I want to use for backup. Both PCs can access the Internet through a Linksys WRT55AG broadband router.

The XP Pro 32-bit can see the XP Pro 64-bit box by means of a Windows Workgroup. However, the 64-bit PC can't see the 32-bit PC. The 64-bit PC uses a Kaspersky Firewall, while the 32-bit uses a McAfee firewall, but it doesn't seem to matter whether they are turned on or not. (The MS firewall is always off on both PCs.)

I tried setting up a wireless home network to see if the two machines can see each other, but that didn't work. I've activated the "share" features on certain folders, but that doesn't help, either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


PS: The 32-bit PC uses a Linksys WMP300N card while the 64-bit uses an MSI PC60G card.
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  1. The problem was with the firewall settings on the two PCS.

    On the Kaspersky firewall, I checked the Settings tab and then the Network Packets tab. There was a list of deniable sources with checkboxes. I unchecked these:

    Remote desktop
    Local Services (UTP)
    Local Services (UDP)

    Then, the 64-bit PC could easily see the 32-bit PC.

    On the 32-bit PC, I loaded the Windows Firewall, went into the Settings and clicked the Exceptions tab. I checked "Remote Desktop". The 32-bit PC could now see all files on the 64-bit PC.

    I then printed a test page from the 32-bit to the printer that is connected to the 64-bit. It printed OK. :bounce:

    I hope this helps somebody who has similar problems: Check your firewall settings.

    - Roy
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