Is setting the Voltage to Auto when overclocking Safe?

Quite new to overclocking here
I have the Q6600 B3 and right now I'm running it at 2.8GHZ with auto voltage
CPU-Z shows 1.424V for the CPU which is quite high
but my temps are quite low 28C IDLE and 51C LOAD with Prime95 using Corsair H50 LC

My question is, Is putting voltage to auto recommended
and if I leave it at auto, if I push my processor to 3.2 GHZ
does that mean the voltage will increase automatically

Last time I did this, I booted up with a 3.2GHZ Dual core
so I had to clear the CMOS
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  1. At the very least I think you should set your CPU voltage manually. It takes about 10 seconds and you can rest with the peace of mind that it's not changing unless you tell it to.
  2. Motherboards are notoious for supplying to much voltage, change it to manual.
  3. no.
  4. Not safe. You really have no idea what the motherboard is doing with the voltage in response to your OC efforts.
  5. so could the voltage be the reason my quad core became a dual core when I Oced to 3.2GHZ without setting the voltage???

    I had to clear the CMOS to get my 2 cores back after that
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