Lost install disk need suggestion

Hi everyone,

I have a Gateway 710 g I purchased in 2004. Only upgrades have been PSU, RAM, CPU fan and Ge Force 7300 GT. Running Win XP home.

PC started acting strange last week, so I ran my anti-virus, malwarebytes and ccleaner. found nothing.

Pc started turning itself off! now when ( it takes several manual power off cycles to attempt reboot) it starts the boot process and just prior to it loading windows it stops and say's WINN/32/ files corrupted or missing, something to that effect, use install disk to attempt repair.

Problem : I have lost or misplaced the disc during 2 moves, so no disk.

My concern: Photos, Quick books and other info on my HDD I would like to recover if possible. I called Gateway support, not much there. Told me I would have to try one of their local repair stores to attempt data recovery but no support as far as the PC goes..

Best Buy wants $100-$140 to "attempt" recovery.

I have been contemplating a new PC and somewhat interested in trying my own build (against all my common sense) and going with win 7, but being in construction complicates the issue somewhat on the financial front.

Any thoughts or ideas would be super, not sure if I want to try and salvage the PC since it is so dated, heck I still use a CRT monitor !!

I would like to save some of the info on the HD though if possible.

Thanks, and wonderful board from the reading I've done over the last week.
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  1. Take out the hard drive and install it as a second drive on a working computer, drag your files off the bad drive and make a backup to thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc...This is not very difficult to do yourself.
    Or you can borrow an XP disk, and do a repair install, the directions are posted in this forum, fourth post from the top. The repair install does not erase personal files.
    Or you can pay a computer store to do it for you.
    Yes build your own, with a quad core processor, plan on spending about $1200 for a decent setup.
  2. Thanks SoundGman!

    I wasn't sure I could use another disk since I didn't have a key or whatever.

    I also may be able to use the PC I'm on, even though its a stock Dimension 2350 and try the HDD procedure you suggested.

    I read the repair sticky before I posted but, assumed from a few other post I may need the original disk,

    Thanks for the insight.
  3. other question, this ones pretty dumb.

    I have been offered a Win XP pro disk and or Win XP pro recovery..Svc pack2

    Since I have Win XP Home addition in 32bit this could not possibly work for me correct?

    Sorry had to ask, this would be to easy.

    Thanks again , you guy's are stellar
  4. Before installing Windows again, I suggest you get a new hard drive. Chances are good you are seeing the errors because the drive is going bad.

    Your PC should have a Win XP code on it, unless it got ripped off over the years, then you can use an XP Home OEM disk and re-use the same key. Otherwise the other disks you may get won't work without a new key for your computer.

    Gateway may be able to send you a recovery disk for your model at some cheap cost, surely less than buying a new XP installation.
  5. Thanks for you reply,

    Yes I found the Product key on the case as you describe.

    Thanks, that pretty much answers my above question also..

    I really want to try to repair my install to recover personal info as referenced above.

    Gateway was no help, but I will try them again.

    I guess worst case scenario is try the before mentioned HDD idea and see if I have the ability to build myself a new PC. with the forums help certainly.

    Again thanks
  6. You can copy your data off the drive without having Windows loaded on it. Just copy the files directly after setting up your drive as a secondary in another PC.

    You should not need to get a whole new PC unless you need it for more than just email/web browsing, but you should get a new hard drive and do a clean setup of Windows on it.
  7. Thanks hang-the-9,

    The Dimension 2350 I am currently using has only an 37mb ( 25+ free) HDD does that matter? if not then I could use this little PC? is this what I used to understand as I would make the damaged HDD the "slave" then just "copy" everything to this little PC? If so I only need to find the pin settings on my HDD to make it the "slave"?

    I have since found a melted connection on my Gateway 710g. Its the plug coming from the PSU, melted the prongs at the MB?? Still powers up though..and still tries to open OS..Smells nasty too..

    I sure appreciate all the help, I know it is frustrating to deal with "untechy" guy's like myself
  8. I've seen that power issue before, not a good thing to keep using, eventually it will stop working and is a fire risk if you keep using it.

    With this info, you should get a new PC. Get new PC, put the old drive in it as a secondary, copy your files over.
  9. Thanks hang-the-9, again..

    Great idea, I can survive for a small time without that info, backed up with pen and paper..lol small business receipts and what not for tax time.

    As far as the MB, is that something that just happens or something I may have been able to control??

    of course its 6 yrs old and gets allot of work. Guess I got my $$ worth out of it.

    Thanks brother
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