Gigabyte: ga-ma78gm-s2h: bios sees sata hdd as ide ? Help

I just purchased a new setup and when i boot up and go into the bios it shows the sata drive as ide. I only set up the date and time and left everything else as default. I want to install the OS but not use a raid setup, should it not show the drive as sata drive instead of a ide, or is this normal. Do i need to change something or add drivers or what. Please help me on this.
thank you

It shows the sata hdd as IDE Channel 2 Master
It shows the sata DVD-writer as IDE channel 1 Master ATAPI IHAS220 6 8L04

Gigabyte: ga-ma78gm-s2h rev. 1.1 m/b bios ver. F5
hitachi deskstar p7k500 sata hdd
amd athlon 64X2 5000 + brisbane 2.6ghz socket am2 cpu
ocz mem. 4gb (2X2gb) ddr2 sdram 800 (PC 6400) dual channel kit
lite-on 20X sata DVD-writer Model #ihas220-08 6
windows vista business sp/1
antec case NSK6580 with 430w ps earthwatts
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  1. Thats normal. all is fine go ahead and install the operating system.
  2. Hi - Even on Gigabyte [ GA-M87G-DS3H Motherboard ] it shows SATA Drive as IDE, but can install WinXP and works good.

    the whole reason which i got this motherboard was this supports virtulization, but the problem is that now i have installed ESX Server 3.5 and installation goes fine but can't create VM's on this now [ and its known that VM's can't be created on IDE Drives ]

    Anyone who can help me in this regard?

    MotherBoard : GA-M87G-DS3H
    CPU : AMD Aptron 1612
    RAM : 2 GB DDR2 667 Mhz
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