Overclocking Celeron 450 with GF7050VT-M

Hello everyone,
last year i purchased a combo from frys for the core 2 duo e7300 and GF7050VT-M ecs motherboard which is capable of overclocking. I never tried overclocking it because i never needed to and the thing was plenty powerful. However, in a few days I will be receiving a celeron 450 2.2 ghz cpu (comming inside my new dell, ill swap the cpus) so then it will be the celeron 450 on the GF7050VT-M (hense the title). I know that the celeron has plenty of overclocking abilities and i was trying to get it to work with my core 2 duo. In my bios i have the option to mess with the settings (someone who is familiar with the board would know better) and you can change the FSB in there up to 1333 with some other options under it. I can take a pic of it if anyone needs it to help me. I tried to set the c2d to 1333 and windows basically blue screened and didn't boot at all. I was wondering how exactly I should overclock the chip. It's not a huge deal, but still i would prefer that i could get it to 3 GHZ from 2.2 so its a little faster (even though i will swap it out within a year). Any help would be appreciated and I will glad to answer any questions that will help you in solving my problem.
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  1. IMO dont even waste your time with the celeron, just overclock your E7300 and have fun with it.... the celeron is way slower than your C2D.....
  2. Yeah however, as i slightly covered on before, the cpu isn't replacing my c2d its jsut adding on to it. I have a pc with a core 2 duo that i built last year with the EC motehrbaord that can overclock then i got a new dell desktop computer since we needed a ntoher computer in the house. I want the dell since its quieter and all so I'll just put my c2d and be done with it. then ill put the celeron in the custom built computer and was planning on jsut giving it to my parents to use just liek that but then remembered the motherboard can overclock. this is only temporary until i can get a pentium dual core or core 2 to replace it, but i wanted to get the celeron a little faster to prevent my parents from comlaining at all. and since the motehrboard can oc, why not? i just need to know how exactly to do it.


  3. Ok so let me get this strait, you are getting a celeron that will be installed in an EC mobo, and handed over to your parents? And you want to overclock that celeron so your parent's dont find out that you have given them a PC with a Dinosaur CPU?
  4. No, my parents know that they are getting the one with the crappy CPU. I just wanna OC it so they don't complain that it sucks or something ahead of time even thought it will be upgraded eventually. No way you can slip a core 2 duos power in a celeron. even if the clock speed is faster it has like 1/6th of the cache.
    P.S I keep saying im gonna upgrade it later. I'm waiting for a core 2 duo or pentium to go on sale at microcenter like once every few months.
  5. Well as far as overclocking your celeron, it should not be that hard and it does depend on your mobo... not all mobo's overclock the same... You might be able to get maybe 500 to 600Mhz increase but I would first have to see what Bios options you have available with the EC mobo.....

    Can you post the exact specs so I know what we are working with?
  6. What exact specs would you liek
    the motherboard is a GFT7050VT-M as stated earlier
    the cpu will be that celeron 450 2.2 ghz
    the bios has the option to mess with the fsb (i can get you a pic if you request )
    4gb of crucial memory (2 sticks of 2gb @ 667mhz i think)

    again if you want anything else i can give you the specific information.

  7. I am not able to pull any info regarding your motherboard... do you have a link I can use to look at the specs? maybe the manufacturers website?
  8. ok cool, once I get home from work i will look into this....
  9. great thanks! hope that links good enough.. their site is pretty crappy haha
  10. Ok, first off what do you have as your FSB(front side bus) at the moment?
    And i need your CPU voltage...You should be able to get this info from CPU-Z, if you don't have it, download it and let me know...
  11. Yeah, I've read that the Celeron 450 is a great overclocker. Out of all the ECS boards I've owned almost all of them have limited or no overclocking options.
  12. Well you never know... if we can raise the FSB and volts then you can overclock that chip....
  13. Yeah..I think the new AM2/AM2+ ECS boards can overclock. But I don't know about this board. Fingers crossed.
  14. Ok, now I have some time to look into that mobo.... brb....
  15. Good luck OvrClkr :P
  16. Ok , you can overclock it but it is VERY limited .... so once in the Bios let me know what you have as far as FSB and voltage (stock settings)...
  17. Yeah it may have FSB control but no voltage increase. Thats what my P4 board is like.
  18. well then at least try to raise the FSB in increments...little by little...
  19. Yeah I get a 460Mhz OC on my P4 without voltage increase. Good Luck to you!
  20. Well, thanks for the info, but what settings do i mess with here? Here is a screen shot of it and the minimuum fsb i can OC it to is 533. does that sound right? here are some pics of my bios options with voltage control and stuff.
  21. Change the setting from Auto to "Un Link" and raise the FSB to 667. Boot and pull up CPU-Z and check your clock info (Ghz). Let me know the outcome....
  22. Well I did that and it didn't seem to make a difference on the clock speed, but here are the screenshots. Check em out.
  23. Oh i forgot to remind you that i still am using the c2d cuz the celeron didn't come in yet, but im still going to learn how to do it on this so then when it comes i can oc it (as backwards as that sounds)...
  24. No, worries... you can change the settings once you have installed the celeron...

    Play with your FSB and let me know if you see any change in clock speed. If this does not work then I am out of options. I have never dealt with a celeron nor a motherboard of that nature...I will look into this further tonight and see if I can find another way around this issue....
  25. Well, the celeron comptuer came in the mail today, sorry I couldn't repond any earlier, but i've been busy with setting it up and all. So i swapped the cpus as i stated earlier and fired up the dell with the core 2 duo and it works great. Then i put the celeron in the other computer and it worked pretty good surprisingly. I cahgned the fsb and in windows next to celeron 450 @ 2.2GHZ it said 2.75GHZ but in CPUZ it still said 2.2. So idk if im ocing it or whats going on. Any explanation? Thanks for the help so far.
  26. Where does it say 2.75Ghz?
  27. Have you turned off C1E or SpeedStep? It lowers the CPU speed to save power.
  28. I have the same board, bought last year at fry's with a c2d 7200 (2.53 3mb cache 1066 fsb) I have ran it at 3.17 without additional voltage or cooling since 2 days after purchase in may of 08 by merely kickin" the fsb up to 1333. However....recent issues (turned out to be a dammed rootkit....) caused me to update my bios, (which I am no stranger to.) Well, lo and behold.. the new bios markedly changed the fsb and voltage options and now my 3.17 rock, she iz rock nomore... starting to crumble. I am almost ready to backgrade the bios or move over to a g33 ecs I have laying around. My point is, this may be something to consider in your trials with the slowerthan chip. The big diff was the addition of the linked and unlinked option. for the fsb and mem.(btw, My mem is pc6400 it ran native without adjustment prior to bios update, after it wants to run at 833 (unstable) OR 667 (NOT ACCEPTABLE) I have also found the memory remap feature and spread spectrum features do not play well with an overclock on this board. in closing I think the 10-17-07 bios rom was better suited to what you are trying to achieve. But it's only a hunch. Do not fool with bios unless you gotta!
    For an idea of how much you gain by the OC use sandra's multimedia benchmrk to compare I found cpuz (on my weird little mongrel) will misreport the core interlink clockspeed as chip speed. Or I could be a moron. either way, same result.
    Over all I find it (gf7050vt-m)to be an excellent little trooper, very trouble free, with above average onboard graphics when you are forced to resort to such vulgarities. Like when your gt8800 commit's hari kari..8-(

    Hope it helps. and you can get a slot1 celeron type of boost (300mhz to 450 all day)

    Dave the raid Aka Ihatebakersfield
    C2d 7200@3.17 2gb crucial 6400 sil680 1200gb 4 drive maxtor 300 133ata raid stripe w/ o5 mcxp
    gf8800gt/512 1tb seagate sata2 2x sony ide v200dvrw 29160 scsi w/4 73gb u320 15k cheetahs in software raid 0 antec 650w + 12v sca enclosure for scsi's
    Cause if you're gonna kill bigdaddies at the bottom of the sea, or blaze thru far/crysis 2-7ms access time and 6 figure sandra bchmrk is everything!
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