Change my heatsink to a ZeroTherm CF800 - how to?

Change my heatsink to a ZeroTherm CF800 - how to?

I am in the process of removing my STOCK CPU FAN from my system and replacing it with the Zero Therm CF800. My question is this - since there is already going to be paste from the original CPU FAN, but I need to put more on it? The Zero Therm comes with some paste, but I heard putting too much can cause as much issue as putting too little.

1) Do I wipe the existing paste off and start again? If so, what is the best method for removing old paste?

2) If I leave the existing paste on, how much extra do I need to put on before mounting the CPU Zero Therm CF800?

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  1. You take off all of the old paste and apply new paste every time you change a heatsink or "re-seat" it.

    To remove the old theraml paste turn on your compand let it heat up.

    shut it down and immidatly take the original heatsink off.

    at that point get some alchohol and clean off the old thermal paste and re-apply the new stuff.

    then put on your new cooler.
  2. ^ the thermal paste tends to get as hard as glue if its not hot.
  3. Ok, thanks for the replies - I think I got conned into a CPU fan that is actually worse then my Q6600 Stock Fan. Got the CF800 Zero Therm and my temps at stock speed are around 45-50. Sucks because of all the work to take the motherboard out again and replace the original fan...
    Anyone else have this particular cpu fan?
  4. It says "This thread does not exist" when I click the link...
  5. Anyone on this - using the CF800 Zero Therm?
  6. I gave you all the info you need, what else do you want to know??
  7. Just wonder if my temps were a little high since the installation of the new CPU cooler and wanted others opinions on that...
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