New Games for "Desktop VGA Charts"

Hi everybody,

I found that Games for "Desktop VGA Charts" are old.
I suggest to replace these one:

1-Battlefield 2142
2-Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic
3-Doom 3
4-Microsoft Flight Simulator
5-Oblivion The Elder Scrolls 4 - Outdoor
7-Warhammer Mark Of Chaos v1

By these more recent:

1-Call Of Duty 4
2-Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars
4-Eemy Territory Quake Wars
5-Supreme Commander
6-Unreal Tournamement 3
7-World Of Conflict

Look Old Games on Benchmark is not really interesting.
Also use JUST Windows XP please.

Vista SUCK !

Thanks and have a nice day !
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  1. Hi Thor,

    I dont know about your selections, but i do know that there is a reason why they use the games they do and its because they represent a broad range of hardware requirement situations.
    To explain further, some games need more in the way of textures, some need shaders. Others like Microsoft Flight Simulator are more CPU centred and are there to show that side of the coin. ATI cards will do better with som egames and vive versa.
    Im sure that when some games that meet the needs of the tests and are more suited/ relevant to todays gaming comunity that toms will update them.
    As far as XP only goes, well i have recently built a new rig and i installed XP again. I do think that all reviews should include both Vista and XP though. I realy think we are close to the point where there is no longer any serious FPS/performance reasons from a gaming point of view to shun Vista for that much longer. :)

  2. If i was building today or even last month i probably would have gone with Vista but unfortunatly you have to draw the line somewhere. I did however build with the idea that it will be upgraded to Vista at some point, I dont think i will need a new motherboard for a few years (unless Nehalem is so stagering and games come out that cant cope with an extreme core 2 that is), and Motherboard aside i have plenty of upgrade options.

  3. erm I can play CNC TW and even KW on mx settings(ultra all) and 1280x1024 no AA at max fPS...
  4. Behemothal said:
    erm I can play CNC TW and even KW on mx settings(ultra all) and 1280x1024 no AA at max fPS...

    Er " CNC TW and even KW" Im sorry what what and what ? And "on mx settings(ultra all) and 1280x1024 no AA at max fPS" With what hardware ? And what do you mean by max FPS ?

  5. Look:
    Hardware: MObo Gigabyte GA-Ep45-DS3R, CPU Intel E8400 3 GHZ, PSU Sirtec high Power 500W, GPU Gainward 8800GT 1GB DDr3, 256bit, Corsair 2GB rAm XMS2 800MHZ dual channel, HDD WD caviar 320GB 7200RPM.
    CNC = Command and conquer
    TW = tiberium wars
    KW = kane's wrath
  6. Ok well you should get high settings on most things but Ultra i honestly dont know. Your system dosent lok to have any weak points given the res you are stating. The only thing i would look at upgrading if you are looking for more performance is swapping the 8800GT for a 4850.

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