Problem with HD 4850 fps's

Well i just buy an hd 4850 and I bind it up to an ASUS m2n-sli mobo, but after running some fps games, i got surprised when i realized that i got around 40 fps when it should be at 100+ actually... even with my 1280-1024 LCD resolution (all sets high/8xAA/16xAF).

Perhaps its the product of some hardware bottleneck? or some problems with power rails? I have an AMD X2 4400+ stock clocks with 4 gbs of memory (800mhz), so what do you guys think?

Thanks for concern!
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  1. Depending on the game you're not going to get full speed with that X2 4400+.

    What game are you trying to play on that high an AA setting?

    Just FYI, likely the difference of 4XAA and 8XAA will be very little on most LCDs out there.
  2. It depends on the game, but in general your 4400 is much too weak !

    Buy a better cpu !
  3. Yea you're likely running into a cpu bottleneck.
  4. The rest of your system isn't bad, just pop in a faster processor and you should be good to go.

    I don't normally recommend AMD but you probably don't want to have to replace the motherboard and everything so this is pretty much the best you can do for now.
  5. What games? What drivers are you using?
  6. I'm playing Day of Defeat: Source under STEAM engine, where the fps should be now problem at all. I have the latest Drivers also for xp sp3 32b
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