what kind of ram can i use so i won't dmg my computer

hi all, i'm a newbie in this forum and i need some help about my computer
and give me some commands

system: mircosoft windows XP
Home edition
Version 2002
service pack2

Acer Incorporated
pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz
3.07GHz, 224 MB of Ram.

model: E661GXM
Chipset: SIS 661FX
southbridge: SIS 964

Brand: phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version: R01-C3
Date: 03/28/2006

Graphic interface
Version AGP Version 3.0
transfer rate 8x max supported 8x
Side band enabled

Size : 256 MBytes

have i given enough information??

Things to buy. (Help me with this.)

Maybe important to know
-i only play games.
-I can't spend too much. Keep it at max at $60 SGD

i was thinking of upgrading my Ram to 1 gig. but i don't know which brand or whatever thing to buy and the cost of the 1gig ram. can anyone one tell me? thank you :) i hope people who read this topic reply me thanks. CAN SOMEONE JUST REPLY ME ABOUT RAMS AND COST OF THE RAM THING?!
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  1. Welcome to the fourms!

    Unfortunately you have not given enough information to answer your question.
    Please run CPU-Z and post what is listed under the Mainboard and Memory tabs.
  2. outlw6669, i already do as you said. i put all the information listed under the mainboard and memory tabs. can u tell me what kind of Ram can i buy and won't dmg my com?
  3. Sorry, the information you have posted about your memory is too vague. We need more details.
  4. you could always go to http://www.crucial.com/ and press the scan my system button. just make sure to check the max size you can fit in each DIMM (or slot).
  5. With a little bit of digging, I have found that your motherboard supports DDR memory up to a maximum speed of PC3200.
    You should have 2 slots that support a maximum of a 1Gb DIMM each.

    Memory Details for Acer Motherboard E661GXMStandard Memory : 0MB (Removable)
    Maximum Memory : 2GB
    Total Memory Slots : 2
    Memory Type : 184-Pin PC3200 (400MHz) DIMM

    Info: Memory for Acer Motherboard E661GXM
    SIS661FX Chipset Page
  6. You could get some A-Data, Mushkin, Corsair, OCZ, Kingston. If you want one chip of 1 GB:

  7. you're right. i only have 2 slots. and what you mean "maximum of a 1Gb DIMM each" i'm a newbie ~.~ and i'm from singapore
  8. is there kingston memory shop or something in singapore? cos i thinking of going to that shop and buy it this sat.
  9. Hey jeffrey159 - outlw6669 means that you have 2 slots for ram - and into each one you can add a maximum of 1gb memory stick/module (DIMM is just a term for computer memory stick). If you wanted, you could also put 512mb of stick into each slot (2x512mb = 1Gb), but since your motherboard supports a maximum of 2GB of ram, you might as well place 1GB stick into each memory slot (hence you will have 2x1Gb = 2GB ram). You have a good CPU - so you will see a HUGE performance gain from using 2GB - although, from a practical standpoint (read: financial), even 1GB will be just fine! Ciao! :hello:
  10. omnimodis78 thanks for telling me all this. i'm going buy 1 gb stick since i left 60 dollar zzz... so when i ask the shop person for the RAM should i say. " i'm buying a 1gb stick DDR PC3200?" or what should i say so i could buy a correct memory stick :)
  11. Say: "I would like to buy a 1 GB stick of DDR-400, also called PC-3200".
    They will show you models with different latencies.
    Lower latencies command higher prices. It's not really important that you get a low latency.
  12. what u mean by "Lower latencies" i don't get it :(

    so is it important if my computer dont support ECC and the shop left a 1 GB stick of DDr-400 PC-3200, ECC. will there be any problem if i install it with ECC when my com don't support ECC memory??
  13. ECC memory will work with non ECC memory. ECC memory is more expensive. You don't need ECC. Installing ECC memory in a non-ECC board will simply run without ECC (Error checking correction). It'll just ignore the error checking bits.

    Latencies look like 5-5-5-18.
  14. You're welcome! evongugg's suggestion makes good sense, but honestly, don't worry too much (or at all) about latency issues. Get a good brand name ram but don't spend a fortune. Always remember that raw numbers do not mean stable/reliable performance - but if you get a quality name product, at least you know that your ram will perform as it should and you won't be back at the store in 6 months replacing a cheap memory stick. Of course, even the best of the best can be DOA (dead on arrival), but this would be the exception, not the rule when it comes to good brands. I have another suggestion: when you go into a computer store, do not (!) say that you are a newbie, simply let the person know what you are looking for - you run the risk of the sales person upselling to you if he/she knows that you are not knowledgeable, and you might spend extra money you absolutely would not have had to spend! Good luck! :)
  15. thanks everyone for helping me on this matter. For your information,I bought it for S$59 at sim lim square. :) thanks all MUACKZ!!
  16. i have a nwe request. how do i update my graphic card drivers?? i'm not sure whether mine is geforce or ATI. how can i see whether mine is geforce or ATI or other kind of graphic card drivers?? pls reply thank you :)
  17. Download GPU-Z and run it.
    It will tell you who makes your video card and what type it is.
    For nVidia drivers, go Here.
    For ATI, Here.
  18. Sorry, I forgot the link to GPU-Z <= LINK and am unable to edit any posts :fou:
  19. why when i run GPU-Z it said "unknown architecture" how to solve this problem??
  20. Your driver is Here.
    In the step by step select Windows Xp (or which ever you are using), IGP Graphics Drivers, SIS66x/76x / SIS67x.
    You will then be taken to the driver download page.
  21. where do i put the files to?
  22. where do i put the files to?
  23. From the "ReadMe.txt" in the download...

    (1) Generic install
    Go to the software package directory, double click "setup.exe" icon.

    (2) Silence install
    Need under the DOS prompt, change directory to the software package path.
    Type "setup -s"

    (3) INF install
    for example: XP-SP2
    Go to "Control Panel -> Display", select "Setting -> Advanced -> Adapter -> Properties", select "Driver -> Update",
    and point to INF's location.

    Best luck
  24. will it dmg my computer? are u sure this is the correct one?
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