bios won't boot up - nforce 790i sli mobo

I just put together this system

mobo - EVGA nforce 790i ultra sli
processor - E8400 3.0 gHz
vga - dual BFG nvidia 8800 gt
psu - Corsair tx750w
RAM - Corsair 4 GB xms3 DDR3 1600 mHz
HDD- WD 640 gb
case - Thermaltake armor + mx

It ran fine all day yesterday, games extra; had some problems with Vista so I clean install this morning, reloaded all drivers, P06 bios, new nvidia drivers

In the middle of AoC game froze - waiting couple minutes and rebooted. Case fans run on high, but no signal to monitor; no boot, no flash, just a black sleeping screen.

I reset the jumper twice; removed the mobo battery; detached HDD, CD rom; took one vga out; checked processor fan (which runs, but no bios boot), removed/replaced RAM

I have read mixed reviews on Mobo; some say it works great, others not at all.

Any ideas? How can I figure out if the mobo is fried. I did manually clock the RAM to 1600 mHz, which is what Corsair claims it runs at.


All parts are on EVGA's approved vendor list
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