Suitable 22" & 24" lcd monitors for gaming? And 8800gtx or higher?

Alright I'm trying to decide on whether I should get a 22" or 24" lcd for gaming. So far some of the other forum questions have left me confused (S-PVA vs. TM etc.).

I play a mixture of older games and newer ones so I'm after a monitor that will support both. Should I consider the Dell Ultrasharp 2408? How does the Samsung 2253BW compare to the 226bw in terms of gaming??

Can anyone recommend good 22" and 24" lcd's with low response times and virtually no ghosting?

My new system will have an evga 8800gtx or higher graphics card. Is it worth investing in the 9800 series cards?
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  1. One of the best 22" LCD's is the Dell SP2208WFP (it even has HDMI besides D-Sub and DVI). For that resolution a 9800GTX+ would be enough, and a bit faster than 8800GTX.
  2. LG 22inch....good price and good quality......get the 4850 or 70......
  3. acer 22"? i have the X193W - a 19"... there is a monitor with exactly the same looks and features (apart from a higher resolution obviously, lol) but in 22" size....cant remember what its called but... cheap with a MASSIVE contrast ratio (some "really good ones' only have like 800:1 contrast...)

    i reccommend that :)
  4. OK Thanks for the replies :)
  5. jackieboy said:
    LG 22inch....good price and good quality......get the 4850 or 70......

    I'll give another vote for the LG. Right now it seems like they are offering the best price/performance ratio. The 22 inch they advertise the most often on sale can be got at a good price and has a 2ms response time with 10,000 contrast so its great for gaming. I got one about 3 weeks ago right after getting my 4850's and love it. Looks great between my two samsung 17 inchers.
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