? Restore system by recopy of “System Volume Information” folder to C:\ ?

A. START of Problem:
Using Autoruns, I disabled a batch of services in order to speed up my computer, assuming that the services could be reenabled if desired. Wrong wrong.

B. SYSTEM: HP Athlon a1330n running Windows XP Media Edition (Professional) w SP3. I’ve got lower intermediate skills.

Now I can boot up, and open applications but find many malfunctions. I CANNOT:
1. Access >Start >Help and Support so cannot access Restore Point
2. Trying to run Restore via >Start >run >cmd >[net start “system restore service”], got error msg: “System error 1068 has occurred. The dependency service or group failed to start”
3. cannot run msconfig to enable the disabled services.
4. cannot copy/paste tect within Microsoft Word or files within Windows Explorer.
5. Cannot open Internet Explorer or update Windows via Microsoft.

1. receive but not send emails via Outlook Express.
2. Firefox is working for downloading files, acessing web sites.

E. QUESTION with possible solution:
I made a full copy of files (NOT mirror copy] from my bootup hard drive ( C:\ ) to a backup external HD. Can I simply
1. copy back all the folders from the backup HD to C:\ including
the hidden folder “System Volume Information” that holds the Restore Points plus the full “Documents and Settings” folder?

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  1. Reboot and tap Function 8 and go into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. See if that allows to run System Restore by typing rstrui.exe at the command prompt. While you're there, try sfc /scannow - that may help if it will run.
  2. 1. I did try to open rstrui.exe both in Safe Mode and Normal.Boot every which way including clicking on the filename in Windows Explorer but the system just ignored the clicks.
    B. Did open Autoruns and checked on all unchecked entries but those that I’d disabled just before the troubles started stubbornly stayed disabled.
    C. Did Run sfc /scannow after Normal.Boot with no obvious improvement. Scannow did not run in Safe Mode .Command Line at all.

    D. QUESTION: I had before the troubles copied all folders from my boot drive to a backup hard drive.
    Can I safely copy the older folder “System Volume Information” from my backup hard drive to my boot drive C:\ to restore my system to the last set Restore Point ?

    If I proceed with this copying, wouldn’t the older restore point take charge with no further intervention after I reboot?

    Thanks for all suggestions.
  3. Simple stuff first:

    Click Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

    no good...? Next:

    Right-Click "My Computer" Click Manage>Services and applications>Services

    Re-enable just about everything, "Start" services as they are enabled. If they can't start, re-boot when done with all.

    no good...? Next:


    Re-enable just about everything, "Start" services as they are enabled. If they can't start, re-boot when done with all.

    no good...? Next:

    (Hard knuckles time)

    THIS (160MB) and burn ISO to CD with a program that can burn an ISO image correctly.

    Boot with the new CD, skip network configuration, perform System Restore (Found under "System Tools).

    EDIT: Filename at 4Shared.com is "2005"
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