is 400W from zalman enough for this configuration


the config that i will buy next week is this:

the power supply that i have now is: zalman 400W, but is it sufficient?

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  1. I think you would be pushing it, and would recommend a minimum of 550w.
  2. 500W should be enough. newegg has a good deal on an OCZ 500W psu for $40.
  3. that should be enough but might be abit edgy.
  4. oh i'm sorry, the power supply that i have is exaclty 460Watts. i think it is enough isn't it?
    its just like this:
  5. should work fine. =]
  6. should work fine.if its doesnt then just return it say its not working properly with mu system its got some incompatibility issue.the people answering the phone usually have no knowledge about component so it will be fine!as always:)
  7. 4850 wants 450watt with a 6 pin pcie connector.
    you qualify.
  8. geofelt said:
    4850 wants 450watt with a 6 pin pcie connector.
    you qualify.

    but other components needs also some Watts?
  9. Other components do require some power, but they are minimal.
    Almost every pc will need power for a cpu, ram, dvd-burner, fans, and a couple of hard drives. It is a given for any general recommendation. The total does not amount to enough to make much of a difference. If you have a case full of hard drives, then it starts to make a difference. What DOES make a big difference is a high powered graphics system. A higher powered card like the 4870 or GTX280 will need a second pci-e connector that can deliver 75 watts. If that card is duplicated for SLI or crossfire, then that is a BIG jump. For those deranged souls who try tri or quad sli/crossfire, then you need a really capable psu.
  10. ok thx for the reply , i wont buy a psu now, but a good case :)
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