Is Vista 64 or 32 better for 4g of ram

I have a q9300 2850 MHZ, p35 board, corsair dhx ram 2x2 gb 760 MHZ 4-4-4-10, Ati 4850.
Is my rig going to be faster with vista 64, or with vista 32. (Currently using vista 32)
My 32 bit vista sees 3500 MB of Ram.
I use my comp for work (microsoft office, dreamveawer cs3, etc.) and gaming.
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  1. v64 will allow you to use all 4 gig. i just installed v64 and works fine. i also dual-boot to xp32. xp only sees 3.25gig. i haven't seen any 64-bit issues yet but have only been playing around with it for less than 2 weeks.
  2. Personally i wouldn't hassle with the uprade to 64 bit unless you were going to add even more RAM and especially if your system is stable with Vista 32
  3. I agree. I would not change anything until you find a need to reinstall your OS. Then would be a good time to move to 64bit...but for now 32bit would be just fine.
  4. Agreed........
    If I was going 64-bit, I would shoot way past 4gb.
    (I'm doing so on one of my machines with 8gb)

    If installign fresh, I may install 64-bit on a 4gb machine, but doubt I would spend the effort to change the OS unless I had more ram.
  5. ok, thanks for the answers. I will wait for my next windows reinstall
  6. Vista 64 bit has worked just fine for me. Have been running it for 2 or 3 months now. No BSODs, no OS reloads, and very, VERY few application crashes. I do moderate gaming on it and it seems very stable in that regard as well.
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