How to create an SSD boot drive??

I just purchased a SSD and I have Win 7 up and running. I also have a WD cavair black hdd running. What I want is to locate is config the Program files and User folders to the hdd. How is the best way to accomplish this?
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  1. I would just do a clean install of windows 7 on the SSD. Switch the boot order of your drives so the SSD is first. If you have an external hd you can backup all your files then format your existing hd or just let it be with windows 7 still on it...up to you if you want the extra ~15gb of space.
  2. Let me restate it. I just built a new comp with a ssd and hdd. I want the ssd to run win 7, but the hdd to take care of the program files and user documents. How can I detach the programs folder from the C drive(ssd) and move it to the D drive(hdd)?
  3. Almost every program you install or document you create will ask you where you want to install. As far as moving your user profile and corresponding app/temp folder, believe that has to stay where it is. Lots of programs look to certain default areas exclusively when they execute. You can go in to Ie 8 and move your temp folder to you sata disk. Also you might want to disable disk defragmenter by starting Task scheduler. By default that will run once a week, and I read in forums, moving your data around on your ssd is about the worst thing you can do ? Anyone confirm that ?
  4. Easy - During program install, when pop-up where do you want to install, just change the "C:\" to "D:\". You have control over where your documents are save (Using Save as" and specify

    Remember some programs DO NOT like to be install other than "C:\" and/or boot drive. This pertaints mostly to older programs.

    Also, you lose the benifit of faster program loads that the SSD provides.
  5. this is windows not Linux
  6. Or, for the correct answer, you edit the ProgramFilesDir registry entry to be.. whatever you want it to be. Just in case someone else stumbles across this in the future.

    I swear, Tom's Hardware readers are some of the most computer illiterate people out there.
  7. May I also suggest that EVERYTIME you install a program, choose the custom install if available. This will allow the minimum install on the ssd. I have an 80g Intel X-25M G2 ssd for Win7 64 OS. I also installed Office 2007 and the programs I use alot on it. I make sure the documents folder for Office is set for each program to a different HD.

    Hope this helps Have fun with the ssd.
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