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Q6600 3dmark03 question/temp question

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September 6, 2008 2:55:32 PM

Hey guys, Brand new rig i just built.

q6600 -Go- revision- STOCK/ speed-Intel stock cooler -Idle 42 42 46 46 C.
Asus P5q-e
2g OCZ pc2-6400
8800gt. pny xlr8 Preform. edit.

Now my question on 3dmark03, I look around but couldn't really find any stock ratings. I got a 1603. Is that normally that low for a q6600??
Also when i run some benchmark processor tests in Sandra lite, My computer freezes up for like 30 seconds. Is the benchmark supposed to make my computer freeze-- Cant move my mouse or anything.

~Could stepping be effecting the rating?

Also, My temp idles at what i specified above. When i first got the motherboard and CPU it was running at 90c stock. But than i messed with the fan and it around 44c~avg. idle. Are these temps normal for Stock intel cooling??

Any suggestions on cooling?? I would like to overclock to at least 3.2ghz when i figure out whats going on with these temps.

Thanks guys,
Sorry this is my first self built computer o.o.
September 6, 2008 2:57:47 PM

Edit. Temps were measured threw Coretemp 0.99.3 and bios. But i hear bios is pretty skippy for the p5q-e.

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September 6, 2008 6:33:29 PM

You may want to try Realtemp and Speedfan to make sure the temps are right. Coretemp is sometimes a bit off.

Your CPU score is pretty low. I havent run 3DMark03 in a while but it should be better than that.

Personally if I were you I would get a better cooler because the stock cooler is not good for OCing the CPU. To name a few of the good ones:

Zalman 9700 I have it and its pretty good just expensive)
ThermalRight Ultra 120
Tuniq Tower
Scythe Ninja

Those are just a few of the good coolers.

If you do want to OC it it would be best to get one of those.
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September 7, 2008 7:06:32 AM

Hmm in my bios it says 28c idle. Realtemp is getting 39 idle with a tiny overclock to the FSB.

i notice my clock jumping fromx6 to x9 , this is from stepping right? should i turn this off??

Also, Any more input on the low cpu score anyone.. getting 1605 in 3dmark03. Is there any better cpu testing programs out there. Sorry im new :) 

P.s. excuse the bad typing, Im typing on a tiny tiny keyboard. Spilt soda on my g15 :( 
September 8, 2008 3:13:52 PM

Bump, I can use some help guys. I only have 2 days left to rma :( . Im just wondering if i have a bad chip. 1600 3dmark03 seemed pretty low.
September 8, 2008 3:29:39 PM

You really shouldn't go by 3dmarks to consider you have a bad CPU.

If it was bad, it wouldn't be working at all.

Chances are, your memory setting would perhaps be why you have a low score. Post a CPU-Z validation to show your CPU/Memory settings like jimmy did in his signature.

And the temps look okay.