Q6600 3dmark03 question/temp question

Hey guys, Brand new rig i just built.

q6600 -Go- revision- STOCK/ speed-Intel stock cooler -Idle 42 42 46 46 C.
Asus P5q-e
2g OCZ pc2-6400
8800gt. pny xlr8 Preform. edit.

Now my question on 3dmark03, I look around but couldn't really find any stock ratings. I got a 1603. Is that normally that low for a q6600??
Also when i run some benchmark processor tests in Sandra lite, My computer freezes up for like 30 seconds. Is the benchmark supposed to make my computer freeze-- Cant move my mouse or anything.

~Could stepping be effecting the rating?

Also, My temp idles at what i specified above. When i first got the motherboard and CPU it was running at 90c stock. But than i messed with the fan and it around 44c~avg. idle. Are these temps normal for Stock intel cooling??

Any suggestions on cooling?? I would like to overclock to at least 3.2ghz when i figure out whats going on with these temps.

Thanks guys,
Sorry this is my first self built computer o.o.
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  1. Edit. Temps were measured threw Coretemp 0.99.3 and bios. But i hear bios is pretty skippy for the p5q-e.

  2. You may want to try Realtemp and Speedfan to make sure the temps are right. Coretemp is sometimes a bit off.

    Your CPU score is pretty low. I havent run 3DMark03 in a while but it should be better than that.

    Personally if I were you I would get a better cooler because the stock cooler is not good for OCing the CPU. To name a few of the good ones:

    Zalman 9700 I have it and its pretty good just expensive)
    ThermalRight Ultra 120
    Tuniq Tower
    Scythe Ninja

    Those are just a few of the good coolers.

    If you do want to OC it it would be best to get one of those.
  3. Hmm in my bios it says 28c idle. Realtemp is getting 39 idle with a tiny overclock to the FSB.

    i notice my clock jumping fromx6 to x9 , this is from stepping right? should i turn this off??

    Also, Any more input on the low cpu score anyone.. getting 1605 in 3dmark03. Is there any better cpu testing programs out there. Sorry im new :)

    P.s. excuse the bad typing, Im typing on a tiny tiny keyboard. Spilt soda on my g15 :(
  4. Bump, I can use some help guys. I only have 2 days left to rma :(. Im just wondering if i have a bad chip. 1600 3dmark03 seemed pretty low.
  5. You really shouldn't go by 3dmarks to consider you have a bad CPU.

    If it was bad, it wouldn't be working at all.

    Chances are, your memory setting would perhaps be why you have a low score. Post a CPU-Z validation to show your CPU/Memory settings like jimmy did in his signature.

    And the temps look okay.
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