Fitting 775 Motherboard Back Plate


i just need someones help with installing a backplate to my akasa 965

ive got the

LGA 775 Motherboard Back Plate


D-TEK CPU Waterblock Mounting Hardware

i have a worry about plate being against the motherboard

is there a problem with being so close

plus how much should i tighten the heatseak down once ive got it fitted
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  1. Tighten in x-pattern until finger tight. You don't want to wrench them down, but you do want good pressure to hold the block down and make good contact/spead out the TIM.
  2. Be sure to have some sort of electric insulation in between the backplate and the motherboard if the back plate is metal.
    otherwise you will have one hell of a short circuit!
  3. Those backplates usually have rubber mounts on them...but yes, make sure first.
  4. it has a rubber thats the same shape as the back plate

    the bolts have a screw head on them

    i was going to thread the bolt - backplate - rubber - motherboard - washer - nut - heartsink - spring - washer - thumbnut
  5. If you are worried, you can always head to the hardware store...they almost always have those nylon washers.
  6. the bolt through kit has hard plastic washer

    so nothing metal touching metal

    thanks for your help

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