Semi new build pc fans shut off after 5 seconds boot

what could be my problem? I use to have a dell but the case was all screwy so I went and bought a new Mobo Intel® Desktop Board DP35DP, and a new PSU Toughpower 650W. I put in the MOBO in my new ATX case and hooked up the 24 pin power cord. I also hooked up the 4 pin cpu cord and made sure my CPU was in place. The Fan i had already had a thermal pad on it and added one stick of memory to make sure i didnt get errors.

I tried to power the computer and the fans ran for 5 seconds and then stopped. The MOBO still shows green light on it but fans still dont work until i restart the process. What is the problem and how can i fix it?
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  1. Check the BIOS to make sure there is no Smart Fan control enabled (or similar phrasing).
  2. Do you have a computer speaker plugged in (the thing that gives error beeps) if so is it beeping?

    What fans stop? The CPU fan? case fans?

    Also full system specs are extremely helpful.
  3. just wondering, i don't think that mobo have integrated graphics, so you might need a video card.
  4. I went to fry's and purchased a new CPU. Problem solved!

    Thank you all for helping. I was hoping it was a bios or something small but it ended up being a $179 fix. I should have known it was the CPU since the same thing was happening on the dell and the new case only had a CPU with the same issue.

    Thanks a bunch, over and out.

    I just built this yesterday for myself Liquid Cooling Rig.
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