OC + Prime = Stable, OC + WoW = Crash

So i'm going to be as detailed as i can to try to get you guys the best understanding of what is going on, as such this is a warning that there might be a lot of back story here ^^

A while back i decided i was unhappy with the performance of my CPU. After reading a bit on here (Toms) i had a pretty clear idea of what the FSB and Multiplier did, but wasn't too sure about the Vcore. After checking into my MoBo's BIOS i found that there is an auto AC feature for 3, 5, 8, and 10%.

Following the example of many people on here i knew basically how to test if it was stable so i set the OC to 3%, tested with prime and coretemp up and everything was fine for an hour. I tested the 5% for an hour, and it was fine. I decided to test the 8%, which i did for roughly 6 hours. That evening i went ahead and set it to 10% and let it run for 8-10 hours. Everything seemed perfectly fine and stable. Temps never went above 60, never crashed, etc. Happy times.

I enjoyed my slight overclock for a while but eventually when school (college) was out for the summer i moved from the dorms to an apartment. During the summer the ambient temperature in my apartment is rather high and one day my computer shut itself off. I figured it had come close to overheating and just hit the "Oh crap" mark and decided to save itself. I turned the computer on after a few moments and turned the OC off. With the OC off, and watching temps, the computer was fine.

Since that time i have purchased a CM690 case and installed 4 extra Scythe 140mm fans and the 80mm MoBo fan. I have also decided that electricity is so dirt cheap here i can go ahead and run my Air Conditioner (You have no idea how happy this made me). With the hardware resting in their new CM690 home and the AC on, i went back into the bios and turned the auto OC back to 10%. That night i ran Prime95 for roughly 8 hours and everything was fine. Temps never went above 60.

So once again i was able to enjoy my mild OC while playing COD, Demigod, EVE, and a few other games. No issues for the last 6 weeks or so, until recently. After much debating i gave in and started playing WoW again (yes, WoW, make fun if you want =P) and this is where my problem comes in...

...after playing for 10 minutes, the game locks up and i have to restart. It does this over, and over and over. I turned down the OC to 5% and the game runs perfectly fine. I have checked temps with the 10% OC while playing and it does not go over 60 (it actually doesn't really go over 57 but you get the point). So why is it that Prime95 will run for 8 hours stable at 10% but WoW will not?

Currently i have a really cheap HSF ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106084 )

I plan on getting a better HSF in a pay check or two (Xigma DK) and i plan to OC the machine myself but in the meantime, i would like to know why the current configuration isn't working. If anyone could give an insight it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for reading and for your time!

Case: CM 690 with 4x140mm, 3x120mm, 1x80mm, PSU fan.
CPU: AMD Athlon64 5600+
MoBo: Asus M2N-E
RAM: Giel 4x1 ( http://www.geil.com.tw/products/show/id/68 )
GPU: BFG GTS250 1gig
PSU: Rosewill 550w ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182017 )
HDD: 2x 160g WD Caviar blue in a raid 0
OS: WinXP 32

Thanks again!
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  1. Have you memtested your Ram?

    What video driver are you using?
  2. I did not memtest the ram, i will do that when i get home. Though, i assumed it wasn't a ram issue because other games worked fine.

    It's done this with both the 186.xx (86 or 16..) as well as with another slightly older driver. I have not tried the new 190.38 yet.

    Could you recommend a memtest?

    Thanks for the reply, man!
  3. I guess that the problem is from the rams

    check what is the frequency if your rams by CPUZ
  4. Kithzaru said:
    I did not memtest the ram, i will do that when i get home. Though, i assumed it wasn't a ram issue because other games worked fine.

    It's done this with both the 186.xx (86 or 16..) as well as with another slightly older driver. I have not tried the new 190.38 yet.

    Could you recommend a memtest?

    Thanks for the reply, man!

    Well normally when I purchase my RAM, the first thing I do is run memtest86 and let it run for at least 4 hours... if no errors are found then the ram should be fine. I will give you an example of how I know if my ram is bad or not.....

    1. Crashes during gameplay every now n then (this does not happen with all games).
    2. PC locks up for no reason specially if you are multitasking and have several open windows running at the same time.
    3. You run prime95 and sooner or later it crashed and gave you an error.
    4. Pc locks up for no reason and you hear audio in the background looping(broken record)....And the only way to stop it is by holding your power button till the PC shuts off....

    These are just examples of what I have seen when my ram is faulty and needs to be replaced. Of course everyone has different issues and scenarios....But you should be able to find the source of the problem by troubleshooting with memtest86 and prime95..

    On a side note : what are the timings and settings you have for your ram?
  5. I haven't noticed any other locking up or exiting of games or restarting with this computer since i have built it... in fact... i think this is the only time it's ever locked up on me, but it clears up with i turn the OC back down.

    I will check when i get home with CPUZ but the advertised timings are 4-4-4-12 as far as the settings when OC'd, it's just all whatever the auto OC goes for.
  6. Well you have to set the timings manually, you cant just leave everything on AUTO, and expect your overclock to be stable...let me know when you have your bios up and we will change the timings and settings to get this corrected....

    CPU-Z gives you the timings (table) its up to you to change them and make sure they are correct....
  7. Out of curiosity...

    i'm a little torn between getting one of these...




    I want something which will be good for AM2 as well as AM3 later on. I know Xigma and Scythe are well known brands and i have seen their coolers in a lot of builds, but the Sunbeam looks to be about the same and is a bit less. What would you guys suggest? Also, i'm pretty sure all of these will fit in the CM690 and on the M2N-E....

    and... is AS5 really worth it or is there something better?
  8. Get the CoreContact and AS-5

    If you want something more flashy then yes you can go with a Xigma but IMO if you are not the kind that shows off the inside of your case you are better off installing a CoreContact with a tad of AS-5....
  9. I use the AC Freezer Pro 64 and it works fine for me.... @ 3.7Ghz my temps never reach 58c (30c ambient)... but that's just me..... ;)
  10. I just want something reasonably priced that works. I really don't care if it's colored brown with pink dots on it.. lol actually that sounds kinda cool.

    I was actually leaning toward the Mugen, it seems larger so more surface area to dissipate the heat.

    But, unless you say otherwise i will probably go with the Sunbeam and some AS5 on newegg in a few hours =P
  11. If the CoreContact (Sunbeam) comes with pre-applied paste then there is no need for AS-5, so try to find that out first and save your self some money..

    My Freezer Pro came with pre-applied paste and it was good for about 5 months till I decided to upgrade the CPU and re-paste....
  12. Hi, :hello:

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  13. So Kithzaru, did you check your ram yet? what's up? When you overclock you have to set the ram to CPU ratio (I think that's what it's called, or something similar to that) on more for the CPU and less for the ram so the ram stays the same speed when overclocked...
    And I would go with the sunbeam...you won't be disappointed...
  14. Sunbeab CCF kicks some a$$!
  15. Well, without getting into too much detail, last night wasn't the best night for me to start messing with my computer. Personal stuff blah blah.

    I did order the Sunbeam cooler, which should arrive Friday or Saturday, so Sunday i will get it hooked up, back off my 5% auto OC and just make sure everything is running good and stable. Then monday, with your guys' guidance i will OC the thing the right way so we can just start from ground 0.

    Sorry to put this off, i asked for everyone's help and now i'm saying wait. Sorry.

    I think starting from 0 OC and doing it the right way is the best way to go anyway, that way it reduces the variables as to why it's an issue. That and, with the CM690 and the Sunbeam, i can probably go more than a 10% OC ^^
  16. Hey don't worry about making us wait...starting from 0 OC to whatever you want is a good idea...I would even recommend to reset the bios to defaults, then set your ram timings, boot priority, and anything else you need to change...then start from there, go a little bit at a time...good luck...
  17. Take your time buddy, as we will all be here for a LONG time.....
  18. Installed the Sunbeam CC this morning. What a pain getting that top tab. Couldn't really get my hand in there. Anyway, it came with some Tuniq TX-2, great stuff. I also had to take off one of the two side fans on the case since it was in the way of the HSF.

    anyway, flipped it on, opened up for temp and.... wow. 18/23c... my old HSF wouldn't ever go below 27, and even that was rare. I ran 3dmark06 stock, then ran Prime 95 for 20 minutes.. anyway, in an effort to not clutter, let me give you some results below...

    No OC, completely stock
    Temp: 18/23c - after 20 minutes, 36/34c
    3dmark results SM2: 4816
    SM3: 5523
    CPU: 2178

    Bumped up the mhz from 200 to 220
    Temp: 26/24c
    SM2: 5279
    SM3: 5752
    CPU: 2372

    now, i would like to go further, because running at a total of 3.1ghz is what these CPU's can run stock (for the 6000+). Unfortunately i don't know what to do next. I always thought this was a BE but apparently it isn't because i can't touch the multiplier in the BIOS. Well, i can, but i can't turn it up, only down.

    So should i just contunue to up the bus until it freaks out, then the voltage a little?

    Also, i don't really know how to touch the RAM or RAM voltage...

    any help guys? looks like i have plenty of temp room to mess with now =D
  19. You wont have accurate temps till the paste sits in.... so in all you should have better temps as the days go by.....
  20. i am perfectly content with temps... been playing WoW since i posted this, normally the CPU would be around 55... and right now it is at 29/28... i want more OC!
  21. In your case you can overclock with the bus...see how high it goes before needing a voltage boost...Then add voltage by .025v...little by little until it's stable again...then go even higher...Don't touch the ram timings, just the ram multiplier and the voltage for now...

    And congrats on your awesome temps!
    Nice cooler!!! :D :p
  22. Kithzaru said:
    i am perfectly content with temps... been playing WoW since i posted this, normally the CPU would be around 55... and right now it is at 29/28... i want more OC!

    Hi, :hello:

    Sounds great, my temp average is 44c in WoW with stock HS...how are your FPS ?

    What server are you on in WoW, I'm, on 3 servers, right now Malygos, my Hunter "Nankor" just hit lv 70 :love:
  23. Congrats on the lvl 70..... thats alot of hours....
  24. Hours and hours of fun!!! lol... :p :D
  25. Well, i tried to bump up the bus a little more, prime was fine, temps were fine, but the system was prone to locking up. oh well. i knew these chips didn't have much headroom anyway...

    lol, i generally don't talk about how big of a nerd i am but... i have been playing WoW since the original beta release. My roommate in college and i sat up till like 4am getting beta keys back in what... september or october of 2004... must have been october. anyway, yeah. I played a warrior in the beta, when release came out i rolled a warrior.

    so been playing since late 2004 and i only have 2 chars... an 80 warrior (naxx25, ulda25) and a 70 priest.

    i've cut down my playing A LOT though, which is good. I took a 6 month hiatus and only recently came back to see the WOTLK stuff.
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