Time to upgrade QX6700?

I have my QX6700 overclocked to 3.2 on water cooling. What kind of performance increase will I see by moving up to QX9650 OC? I paid 1k for the QX6700 a couple of years ago which is about what the QX9650 is going for now. Worth the upgrade?
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  1. To be frank, no. You spent 1000 on that chip because it could last a long time, and it will. Theres very little games that would benefit from a performance increase in that upgrade, and the QX6700 should last until early next year. Wait for i7.
  2. If you overclock the QX9650 to 3.67, you will see a 15% (or so) increase in CPU speed over the QX6700 at 3.2. This may result in about a 5% increase in overall performance. Is that worth $1K to you?
  3. Save your $$ and be the first kid on the block with a Nehalem rig.
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