old motherboard fried what next ?

well i had a xfx 780i that recently friend after 4 months if they dont cover under warrenty what should i get for a new mobo i was thinking of spending $300 maybe a lil more not sure yet. but what i was looking at was is

ASUS Striker II Formula LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI

what i plan to put in it
E8400 intel processor
2 XFX 8800gt video cards in sli
ddr2 800 4 gigs of ram

what would you guys suggest ?
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  1. I would look at the 750i and the 780i if I were you.

    Do you already have the 8800 GT's ? If so, you're stuck with SLI. If not, I would suggest an X48 and get 4870s or something like that (2 4850s even).
  2. Well XFX doesn't have the best motherboards, and now that they jumped ship from nVidia I doubt you'll get much support. Anyway I'd peronally go with the MSI P7N SLI Platinum for half the price, but since you're willing to spend that much then yeah that board you picked is a good choice especially if you plan to get two more powerful nVidia cards down the road.
  3. I agree with Huron... If you dont already have dual Nvidia cards go with an X48 board
  4. i already have the 8800gt video cards ram and processor
  5. please any suggestions ?
  6. You have just one 8800 GT, or both of them?
  7. bolth of them
  8. ok so i have been looking at ddr3 will 2gb of ddr run faster with vista 64 bit than 4gb of ddr2 ?
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