Need Help Getting my OC Stable Phenom II x4 940

Getting really frustrated at this point...

250x14 fsb @ 1.45, HT @ stock, NB @ stock, RAM at DDR2 1000 5-5-5-15-2T, locks upo in OCCT after 30 minutes

200x17.5 fsb @ 1.45, HT @ 200x10, NB @ 200x13 CPU NB VID @ +0.35, RAM at DDR2 1066 5-5-5-15-2T locked up in OCCT after 30 minutes...

200x17.5 fsb @ 1.45, HT @ 200x10, NB @ 200x12 CPU NB VID @ +0.35, RAM at DDR2 1066 5-5-5-15-2T locked up in OCCT after 40 minutes...

Load temps in each run were around 51 - 53 max

It's like it's failing at the same point regardless of any combo I try...high fsb with low multi, stock fsb with higher multi...

What is also interesting is that I dont get a BSOD, rather the screen goes black, and I need to reset the CMOS to get the computer to run that symptomatic of anything?

What am I supposed to do now? Would upping the NB a step do anything for me (0.1)? What could be holding me back? The memory at DDR2 1066 passed memtest for an hour without errors..could it still be an issue here? I am fresh out of ideas at this point Any help from the pros?

Phenom II X4 940
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P
4gb (2x2gb) Kingston HyperX DDR2-1066
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked
Antec Nine Hundred Two
Corsair 550vx
Xigmatek Dark Knight
WD Caviar Black 500GB
Vista x64 Home Premium
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  1. Could the HT be the issue? Should I leave it at stock?
  2. Any chance I could be having video issues?

    How can I test to see if its a video card issue? The screen goes black as I said, and the monitor light goes orange, which means its not getting a signal

    The computer is still on, however...

    If i shut it off and turn it back on, it runs, but the screen is still black, as if it is not connected to anything

    the only way i am able to get it back and running is resetting the cmos, then it works fine again

    does this sound like a videocard error, or just a result of the crash from occt

    video card is stock by the way...
  3. could it be a power issue?

    PSU is Corsair 550VX, specs:

    Output +3.3V@30A,+5V@20A,+12V@41A,-12V@0.8A,+5VSB@3A
  4. the problem is overheating, even if you are monitering the temps the sensors sometimes get confused when you put the cpu to oc. he reason you have to reset the cmos is cause the mobo is protecting your processor at the point of no return and they often require being reset after that trigger is pushed. it might also b a power issue tho much less likely because of the need to reset the cmos, the cpu at higher oc takes alot more power and might trigger the over voltage in the 3.3v rail....good luck and happy oc.

    phenom II 940@3.6@1.4275v just bumped the multi and the voltage, on liquid
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