QX6850 Install Issues

Hey guys - I have done a search of the forums and can't find any articles related to this processor and my problems (heck, just a simple search of 'qx6850 install' didn't turn up anything).

But here is what happened: I have been running a Core 2 Duo 6600 for a while now - it has been going great - I had the opportunity to get the QX6850 through Intel's Retail Edge program - so I jumped all over it. I got it yesterday, and immediately went to put it in. I do have a 3rd party heat sink, but this CPU came with it's own, so I decided I would use it first, just to eliminate any potential problems.

Since I have upgraded this computer about 15 times (this is my 4th processor upgrade - went from a Celeron, to a Pentium D, to the aforementioned Core 2 Duo, and now this one), but since I have done this a lot, plopping the CPU in, and strapping on the heatsink took a matter of 2 minutes.

So all is good at this point... now I haven't touched any of my add-on cards (EVGA GeForce 8800 GT, basic PCI USB card) or my hard drives (I forget which ones they are - but they are good I know it, Western Digital is one, Seagate the other) or my two CD Drives (one is a DVD +/- RW Drive from I forget who since I am not at my computer typing this, since it won't work right now, other DVD-Rom drive from Asus).

Anyway, so I just plop this CPU in and strap on the heatsink, plug it in and turn it on (with just my usb keyboard plugged in and monitor, no peripherals) and instantly my computer starts beeping at me like crazy - just one long beep - it does the initial start beep (just one small beep) then it gives a constant warning beep as if it was over heating. So naturally I turn it off, and it has been about a total of 3 seconds - so it has had no opportunity to even POST yet.

I feel the fresh heatsink I just put in, and it's HOT!! So I take it off and it appears that Intel put a crappy amount of thermal paste on it (I noticed this putting it in, but I am not going to question a stock heatsink - why provide it at all if it can't even scrape by?). So I put some of my thermal paste on it this time, and make sure it is all going to be covered. I put the same heatsink on and when I power on, it sometimes beeps yelling at me for the heat (for all I know, I think it is) but it still will not POST. I have my normal boot screen from Gigabyte (my motherboard is - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128044) but it doesn't do anything - my USB keyboard doesn't light up allowing me to go to the BIOS screen, and even beyond that it doesn't try to even boot into Windows for me off a hard drive - the screen just sits there.

So I haven't really played around too much with it - I am at work now, and I don't want to destroy anything. I am nearly certain that my motherboard supports this CPU, but if it doesn't well then shame on me :)

I still have a functional C2D so I can plop that in and get it back to original, but I really want this to work. I plugged in the 8 pin power adapter for the CPU (instead of the 4 pins I had been using for the other 3 CPUs), so I hope that's correct - I don't know where the motherboard manual is, and the Intel CPU instructions are crap.

Simply put, I am nearly certain I did it right, I tried posting all the devices I have so you needn't seek the information to try to help me. I am sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I wanted to be thorough.

I will obviously try to get it working some more - I have only given about 1 hour of time to it so far, but if anyone has had a similar situation, it would be great to find out so I don't waste too much time.

Thanks all you guys in advance!
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  1. The cpu is not supported by your motherboard.
    There also does not seem to be a bios update either.
    Too bad, nice cpu.
  2. Of COURSE it's not compatible with my motherboard :P Just my luck! Thanks for the link - I really appreciate it - what the hell is NewEgg talking about with 1333 FSB support on the MB, when that link you gave me seems to indicate otherwise - but in any event thanks for the response - I appreciate it!
  3. My mobo supports it, what do you want for it?
  4. I think on this one I'm gonna go with a new one from NewEgg - maybe go straight-edge and get everything right in place. Thanks though :)
  5. Good idea---for you.
    I was tempted, but I am really waiting for nehalem.
  6. JimmayVV you say you went from a Pentium D to a C2D, what was the performance difference ? (I am using a Pentium D 3Ghz OCed to 4Ghz) No im not looking for bench marks just how did it "feel" lol

    My mobo supports just about anything in a 775 socket so I really am thinking about a C2D or a Q6600.

    Also on topic: Sorry to hear your board will not support that CPU :( that sucks bad :(
  7. thanks man, I appreciate the sorrow :)

    as for how did it feel - well, not TOO different, it didn't seem to run any of the older games that much better, but that is mainly because those guys are single cpu-minded.

    The overall task-to-task chores were pretty similar. Things I noticed that were/are better is when something goes haywire - some program going nuts, it doesn't bog down the whole damn computer with a C2D than with a Pentium. Recovering from that is better, plus doing multiple things at once seems to be a bit better. I am not much of a multi tasker, but I have noticed no lag trying to do multiple things at once.

    But as far as doing any ONE thing I haven't noticed too much of a difference, in my experience. I think dual-core games have gotten a big boost too, but that may have a lot to do with my new graphics card too - going from ATI XT1900 / Pentium D -> GeForce 8800 GT / C2D 6600 made a HUGE difference with Flight Simulator X, like BIG difference - absolutely LOVED the performance.

    the highest default setting 'very high' in FSX is not the highest you can go, you need to customize the settings to go higher than that, but at that setting it was pretty much butter (maybe using Vista for DX10 helped...) but customizing the settings higher than that slowed it down a little bit - I might go SLI now with this new MB and Processor - but man, I just wish I didn't need a new one - I hate replacing perfectly functional computer parts!!
  8. If you play FSX, then you will LOVE the QX6850. It is one of the very few games(along with supreme commander) that is both cpu bound, and quad core optimized. I would agree, that my experience going from a pentium to a C2D was favorable. If a virus scan kicked off, I did not even notice.
  9. oh also, if you plan on getting good life out of your processor, and don't plan on getting the $100 - $150 processor every year, or every other year, definitely get the Quad Core. Hopefully after this, and I go SLI I won't need to upgrade until 2010 (But I probably will, knowing me!!!)
  10. hey JimmayVV What Motherboard are you going to get.... ive been doing so much damn research and cant decide on a motherboard.... its very frustrationg cause now i have like 8 diff boards im looking at and its driving me up a wall.... ARG too much info*head pops off*, btw i also purchased the cpu from retail edge and want to OC to about 3.6ghz..... any suggestions, other than that i am pretty much set with that processor , mobo(whatever motherboard i finially decide on), ati 4870, and 4GB of Ram
  11. I haven't really figured that out yet - I am still looking for the right one myself. I don't want to rush in. I have thought about seeing if I can find one the works with OS X, I'd love to get that on here :P But really I don't know yet. Something SLI, and of course can support my QX6850 ;). Which brand, or which one, I haven't decided yet
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