Q6600 3.2ghz temps

Ok, so i ran Prime95 with the small FFT's option..

Started at 06:57:33 this morning, and the dam electric went at 14:48:12 so that almost 8 hours. I was going to try and keep it running for 12 hours! :(

Luckily for me i left Core temp on and the logger :D

The highest my cores went were 09:23:12,69°,69°,66°,66°,,,33°,69°,100%

I would say the average was around 67°,67°,63°,63°

I must say am happy with that. 8 hours and stayed under 70 on cores? Heres my log if you want to see more. It goes alot cooler later aswell.


Q6600 @ 3.2GHZ (400x8) 1.35 vcore bios, 1.33 CPU-Z
8GB Corsair TWINX2 DDR2 PC-8500 @ 800MHZ - 4-4-4-12
Asus P5Q-E
Asus Silent Square EVO w/ OCZ Freeze Extreme
Antec 900 case
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  1. Good temps. Stock cooler?
  2. cheers, no its the Asus Silent Square EVO w/ OCZ Freeze Extreme
  3. Yeah, 3.2 GHz is a little high for the stock cooler unless you get really lucky and win the CPU lottery - get a CPU with a really low VID.

    I am running a Q6600 in an Antec case with a TRUE at 1.425 volts nominal, drooping to 1.40 volts.

    I like the 900 case, great cooling, but the case needs some work if you want halfway decent cable mangement:
  4. cheers for that link mate.

    I had an OCZ SilentXtreme 800W PSU when i 1st got this system. A mate of mine did the cables and i must say did a cracking job on it, was really neat imo, al post a pic soon.

    But that PSU died and is getting RMAed, so i bought a WinPower and the cables on it are really short, there tidy just not hidden, if that makes sence lol.

    What clocks yours Q6600 at and temps?

    edit, heres a pic of my setup now, this PSU is hopefully just a temporary 1 untill i get my SilentXtream back or i got a modular. Plus this WinPower makes quite an anoying high pitch sound lol

    As you can see the 8-pin (i think its the 12v) cable ONLY JUST reaches, i mean only just lol, with my OCZ i could thread it around the case so it was hidden, the wires show and are ugly, no wrap around them, i think i might drill an hole next to the PSU and thread the lot through to the back, that will get rid of the big horrible power cable.
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