Fast Scratch Disk?

I need about 10 GB

Ram disk drive is out of the question. MB only supports 4 MAX.

433x CF Card ~ $100 plus I have the added benefit of putting in my my slr
(perhaps I need a firewire card reader?)

SSD ? Expensive Limited Life (well will probably outlast the computer it is in)

VelociRaptor ? Perhaps 2 SATA 2 80GB models. I have seen then new for $80 or so put them in a raid format. Need raid card. However I would also need SATA2 card (pci or picx)

I have FW as well as an external enclosure for FW/esata I ordered by accident.

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  1. For a scratch disk you can use an old left over drive.
    You don't need to buy a fast drive for a scratch disk.
  2. Thank you for telling me what I need or don't need. :sleep:
  3. A fast scratch disk makes a big difference in some apps. I'm assuming this is for photoshop, right? I'd personally go with an SSD. A velociraptor is not available in 80GB (the smallest one is 150gb), and capacity isn't that critical as a scratch disk. I'd lean towards either an Intel 80GB X25-M or a Kingston SSDnow V series 40GB. The Intel is faster, and the Kingston is an amazing value. The Intel is $215 on newegg right now, which is a great deal.

    I wouldn't worry too much about lifetime either - the lifetime of any decent SSD should be quite a bit longer than the computer it's in.
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