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Just a very quick question.

I currently am using this card;


I am wanting to get another card of the same 4850 series but for the second card I was looking at getting a different company's. Several have jumped out at me at a lower price like from ASUS, and Visiontek etc..

I was wondering when you are doing a xfire setup does it matter that they are from two different companies. I know the only difference between the one I have now and the ones I am looking at is the memory clock. The core clock is identical on all of them.

Just wanted to know if it is alright to mix companies like that? I am not sure and thought I would ask around before I spent the money.
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  1. It will make no difference what brand you use.
    Most 4850's still use the reference design and are technically the same.
    Just get what ever you can find cheapest and it will work fine for you.
  2. Crossfire sucks with the current drivers. Expect 10 fps more. It would make more sense to have purchased a 4870 in the first place
  3. Well the 4850 I am currently using was given to me so essentially I am only buying this one. A 4870 is actually overkill for what I do and what games I play. To me two 4850's is more than worth the price to performance. If you do research new drivers are updated as quickly as possible if you have patience then a better driver will be out if you want to blow $100 plus extra dollars be my guest the drivers for the 4870 suck just as bad as the 4850 in time they will get better. Crossfire does not equal perfection and either does SLI, but for price to performance you cannot beat two 4850's.
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