Convert Antec Nine Hundred removable mb tray?


Has anyone tried to convert their Antec Nine Hundred to a removable motherboard tray? I looks like there are only a few rivets holding it on. I could drill out the rivets, but I wouldn't know what to put in its place.

Anyone attempt this yet? I just want to get some ideas before I start drilling my case.

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  1. Don't even attempt it. It's built that way for a reason. The second you remove those, the case will loose a major part of it's stiffness, even if replaced with nylon lock nutted bolts.

    Aside from that, there's no way to remove it and re-insert it with out the tray moving around after that. That is, unless you want to get in to welding in mount tabs and adding in some braze ons to bolt into.
  2. no... just say NO!!

  3. I guess it was worth a shot (asking). Too bad they didn't make it that way, or at least have some room behind the motherboard to hide some cables. :(
  4. Ive seen plenty of people hiding cables behind the tray in the 900?

    If you want removable motherboard tray why not get a case that has one? Most of Lian Li's range and some of Thermaltakes have removables.
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