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Ello all! pretty new here, this is in fact my 1st post woop!!

Ive been having some issues with my MSI P965 platinum motherboard. for some reason i cannot change the multiplier in the bios from 266, its stuck there, nor can i change the ram voltages, basically all the aspects of overlocking in my bios are either "greyed" out or are unable to be changed. Now i am not sure wether it is something i have not enabled or disabled in the bios settings i can change the ram timings but been having issues with that aswel. I believe i am running the latest bios version so i am kinda stumpped as to what to do.

My rig at the moment...

Intel core 2 duo E6600 2.4ghz
MSI P965 Platinum motherboard
4gb corsiar xms2-6400c4 4-4-4-12 2.1v

hopefully you guys can shed some light on this issue as i would like to overlock to at least 3ghz as my temps are quite low and would obviously like the extra boost.

Cheers for your time chaps!

Appreciate it ;)
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  1. Welcome to the forums,

    but i have no idea what is wrong, did you look for a setting to change that may allow you to OC?

    Google is your friend
  2. Look for a setting that lets you set Manual vs Auto for CPU/Memory. The voltages are also usually unlocked, if the BIOS allows that to be tweaked.

    Also i think you meant to say 266 FSB, not Multiplier :)
  3. ^ Yeah, thats why i said google is your friend (=
  4. Aye there is a setting to enable "dynamic overclocking" and when i disbale it it still does not allow me to change the FSB (indeed i meant FSB) hehe

    A little stumpped on this one... And i have searched google and nothing
  5. No worries ive sorted it! cheers for your time anways guys and i appreciate the quick replies! Ill be back for sure ;)
  6. ^ yeah, keep posting. We need more people (=
  7. Not alot of peeps on here then ? thought TH was the place the everything really always been on here chekcin the old charts!

    just OC my cpu now from 2.4 to 2.7 46 degrees so meh not bad wanna push it to 3ghz also managed to put the correct voltage for my ram now (2.0) to be save and managing to get to that 3ghz while keeping my ram nearest as possible to its rated 800mhz is there (if any) a safe limit to how much i can go over the rated mhz on my RAM ?

    Cheers again!!
  8. Set RAM to 1:1. Use the 266 MHZ setting so it matches the processor.
    Take the memory as far as it goes.
    Be sure to check it with memtest86+ for errors.
  9. To overclock the memory you may have to push the voltage to 2.1v and add a little Northbridge voltage to it.
    Overclock the memory separately from the processor so you can see how far it goes.
  10. At the end, combine the overclocks of the memory and CPU and do a final test with Prime95 and memtest86+.
  11. Well so far i cannot change the Multiplier at all! so running a moddest 2.4-2.7 OC on the cpu and a RAM oc increae of 100mhz so very very Moddest, i just dont see wots wrong with this Multplier perhaps its locked on this model of motherboard (MSI P965 platinum)

    meh ill try and keep finding solutions to this....
  12. With the Intel core 2 duo E6600 2.4ghz you can change the multiplier down but not up.
    It's with the AMD Black editions and some very high cost Intel CPUs that you can change the multiplier up as you will.
  13. Okies cool, how much NB voltage would you reccomend ?
  14. One notch up from whatever you have.
  15. Okies have done that, so far so good one question though how the bloody ell do i lower the multiplier ? I cannot for the life of me find where this setting is.

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