Connect internet for 3 pc using dsl connection through wired lan

Hi My name is Ganesh. I have 3 pc. Few days ago I have purchased Broadband connection of BSNL (Data One with T2 Modem). In that modem 4 ethernet connections. Problem is that when i connect internet, the one pc's is connect but another 2 pc's are not. Here they give the configuration for the same (VCI & VCI values) (PPPoE). when i reboot the pc problem is still. What to do?
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  1. If I understand you correctly....

    You are sharing your broadband connection. Your modem/router combo has 4 LAN/ethernet ports and 1 WAN port.

    I think you need to enter those VCI & PPPoE values in your modem setup pages, not in the PC that can connect to Internet. So erase those config FROM that PC and enter them in modem admin pages. If you bump into problems, reset the modem and do it again. After that, you just plug those PCs into LAN ports of the modem
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