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Hello everyone,

I just had a machine built for me.
It has an MSI motherboard P6NGM - NVIDIA GeForce MCP73 chipset
CPU - Intel E8400 (Wolfdale)

The shop that built it for me said that it had a FSB (Front side bus) speed of 1333 and
2 Gig Memory DDR2 - 677

When I run CPU-Z, it says that I have
Core Speed = 2000 MHz
Multiplier - this changes from x 6.0 to x 9.0
Bus Speed = 333.4 MHz
Rated FSB = 1333.4 MHz

It also says that my memory
DRAM Frequency = 333.3 MHz

These numbers don't seem to match what should be in
the machine.
But I am not sure what all of these
Indicators really are.

Why is the Core speed only 2000 MHz?
Shouldn't my bus speed by 1333?
Is the DRAM frequency the speed of the memory?
which should be 677?

If the memory is 677, would getting faster memory
Say 800 MHz be noticeable.
The only games I would run are not graphic intensive,
Checker,s chess etc...

Thank you for any help you can give me,

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  1. Everything looks to be correct. The core speed is 2000mhz because of something called speedstep. It changes the cpu multiplier from 9 to 6 when it is not being used. This is done to save power so that the cpu isn't always consuming more power than it needs. When you are using the cpu, the multiplier is bumped back up to 9.

    The ram frequency is 333 instead of 667 because of double data rate. Basically, ram speed is x2 and cpu bus speed is x4.

    If you're only running simple programs (no 3d games), you won't see any boost in getting 800mhz ram.

    Hope that helps.
  2. (these are the post us geeks love to reply to)

    you core speed goes up and down because speed step is enabled:

    when the CPU is not working its given a break and the multiplier is reduced to 6 rather than 9, which makes your CPU feel good :), means less heat, stress and power consumtion, only real down side is u have a minute fraction of a second responce time lag when it needs to speed back up.

    try running a hard program and watch ur core speed hit 3 ghz

    the ram is dual data rate for some reasosn im not sure of all ram comes up as half its speed on cpu-z, mine is 900 mhz over clcoked and cpu-z shows it at 450 mhz

    the processor speed is the multiplier x BUS speed so 9 X 333 = 3 Ghz
    the BUS is simply the FSB divided by 4 so 1333/4 = 333

    for you upgrading the ram will not make a hugh differnce if those are the games you play.

    everything you have said above seems absolutly normal, so dont worry u have a happy new bouncy baby computer :P
  3. HAHA love how me and br3nd064 said exactly the same thing
  4. Thank you gentlemen
    I appreciate your help.

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