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So I have an Epson TM-U220D receipt printer. My problem is, is that the computer it goes to runs XP 64-bit, for which Epson has no drivers. I already called their customer support twice and they couldn't help me. However my Boss says that installing it with generic drivers will make it run just fine and he suggested I call Epson again ask them to instruct me on how to do this. But before I try that and since Epson has been less than helpful already I was hoping to get some actual help.

So, can anyone help me? Please?
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    You could try the 64-bit driver listed here. It doesn't say XP64, but it may just work.
  2. Thanks, I was hoping it would but it didn't. For that particular printer there is simply no hope for it on XP 64 bit. So what I had to do was take an older model printer that used a regular LPT and install it with generic drivers. If XP 64 had a service pack 3 I could have done that for the new one. Service pack 2 won't let you install generic drivers to a USB port, which is what the new printer uses. Oh well. Thanks though.
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