Just wanted to share my small overclock

Im getting a 920 system in a week and i am pretty new to overclocking but im proud i managed to push my p4 2.93 ghz with a locked BIOS(not password but voltages and such) to 3578mhz 162.7x22 multiplier it is not a lot and especially to you guys that do 100% oc but im proud of it and cant wait to get the i7 so i can tinker with it
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  1. Nice OC! You should be able to beast the 920 if you've got yourself some cooling. Have fun with the build!
  2. yeah, nice overclock...

    be sure to read the guide before OC the 920! ;)

  3. Nice overclock, from 2aGhz I can't even get a 500Mhz OC without vcore increase. What board do you have?
  4. Intel avalon D915GAV its a terrible system integrated gfx 512mb ram so im just pushing it for some learning and fun
  5. Nice. I thought Intel motherboards allow overclocking.
  6. AKM, dude... you need a picture that i can remember you by...

    just like you prolly remember me by the giant coolaid guy.
  7. Nice job. I think you'll really have fun with the new i7 and OCing it.
  8. Haha, overshocked..LOL. Hows the website coming along?
  9. ^ UGHHHH

    well we havnt really gotten a chance to work on it yet.....*sigh*

    All we need is a name and then i will start calling some people like frozencpu.com, xoxide.com, etc..

    Any suggestions for a name?
  10. Calling people? So this is a forum - like site?
  11. ^ Well me and "ovrclckr" wanted to get sponsored, so the first thing we thought we should do is start a site.

    We will probably only have reviews of HSF etc. to start but then we may add a forum.

    But as soon as we come up with a name i will call Frozencpu.com (and the other aforementioned) and i will ask them if they would like to have a free review done of there products.

    Get it?

    Name suggestions?
  12. PM me akm880

    ( ;
  13. Haha, I get it.
  14. PM sent..
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