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Like my topic said, my friend has a 19' monitor and im wondering should he get 4850, 4870 or wait for 4870x2. My friend has a x48 motherboard.

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  1. To be honest your friend has to get whatever his budget will allow.

    What else is in the system?
  2. I believe it is 19" LCD not a 19 feet LCD.
  3. lmao shadow
  4. You never know. large scale multi projector system?
  5. =) shadow.

    anyways it's a LCD. Max res is 1280x1024 (Samsung SyncMaster 931BF).
  6. Well i am of the opinion that a 4850 is overkill for a 19" monitor anyway never mind the other two. Thats why i am waiting until i can get a decent 24" screen before i upgrade to a 4850 myself.

  7. ^Agreed.
  8. There is such a thing as overkill?
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