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I used to have a RAID-0 of 2 regular HD with Vista. I added a new Intel G2 SSD and installed Win 7.

If I understand properly, I will not be able to use the TRIM feature because of the BIOS being in RAID mode. Right?

I do not care any longer of my old RAID and would like to change the BIOS and use AHCI. Will Win 7 load? will it install proper drivers? I'm a little bit scare to try it and take a chance to screw my installation.

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  1. The RAID won't affect your single SSD.

    There’s a major problem with TRIM today. The only Windows storage drivers to support it are written by Microsoft. This means you can't use anything but the drivers that ship with Windows 7. Your best bet is to install Windows 7 with your I/O controller in AHCI mode (for Intel chipsets) and don't install any storage drivers.
  2. How to change Windows 7 to AHCI after the fact:

  3. I'm currently in RAID mode in the BIOS. Even the SSD is not part of a RAID, Win 7 has been installed on that mode so I could still access my old RAID to transfer all my data (Vista).

    Your link is from "SATA" to "AHCI". Does that hack still apply to me?

    I also installed the "Intel Matrix Storage Manager". Do I need to uninstall it?

    I believe I must also delete my RAID from the manager (during boot)?

    Thanks for your help! :)
  4. you could change the hard drive to another non RAID controller.
    Uninstall the RAID drivers. Do the registry change.
    Shutdown. Change the drive SATA port.
    Make adjustments in the bios.
    Pray that it works.

    Make sure you do a backup before you do any of these steps.
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