Finding M2N SLI Deluxe latest audio drivers?

I've been trying to find the latest audio drivers for my system. Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe on Windows XP SP3. Checked Asus's website and the latest version they have listed is older than what I have. Theirs is V5.10.1.6110 while what I have is
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  1. And the problem you're having with your computer's XP install is.....?

    Or.. you should do your own Easter-egg hunt for a newer driver yourself, we're kind'a busy helping people with operational problems right now.
  2. Audio is screwy right now. I have system sounds and winamp plays, but I have no audio from Ventrilo along with partial audio problems with a recently installed game

    Also, a few days ago Winamp refused to work properly. The DirectSound Output was set to Primary Sound Driver and would not play popping up an error(cannot remember what it said, is working now tho)

    Reinstalled the drivers but I still don't have sound in Ventrilo(I have not tested the game yet tho)

    Lastly, I've been doing the easter egg hunt. Asus's website links me to old drivers and every driver archive website has the same or older, so excuse me for not posting a 10-page report on what's going on when I already have 20 tabs open trying to figure out what is going on and trying to find recent drivers and would you mind leaving the rude bits for someone else?
  3. Blurgas said:
    would you mind leaving the rude bits for someone else?

    No problem, All based on what was presented for consideration.
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